Are you raising nice kids? 6 Ways to teach them to be kind
|   Mar 10, 2015
Are you raising nice kids? 6 Ways to teach them to be kind

Kindness. We want our children to learn how to be kind. We want them to be nice to others. We want them to be nice to themselves. We want to them to learn how to treat people in our community and our world as kind as possible. So how do we teach them something behavioral like this?

I have two nephews that are 10 and 9. I watched as these boys spent hours playing with my baby girl. They devoted all of their time and attention to her when she was around. I mentioned it to my husband because whenever I’ve seen other younger boys, I feel like their interests are always more self-motivated. I honestly wondered if it was because of their personalities or if they were raised to really be kind to others. It’s possible that it is some sort of combination of both.

Our children learn from us. They see the way we act towards people and learn our behaviors. If we want our children to treat other people right and be kind, we must show them how to be kind. We need to control our reactions when we are angry. We want to them to understand that they need to treat other people how they wanted to be treated. They need to learn how to show respect as well as be able to listen and speak to others in a kind way.

The world around us influences our children. We can also inspire our child by making sure their environment is one where they consistently see kindness around them. We try to keep our child surrounded with great people, great moods, and great music. I try to have my child around my kind friends, show her videos like the ones from Ghotu Motu Ki Toli where they talk about good manners, and have her spend time among a vast number of people so she realizes that everyone should be treated the same.

Here are a few examples of things we can do to really show our children how we can be kind to others:

-Helping a friend in need

-Hold the door open for someone

-Be patient with others


-Making friends with someone who needs one

-Listening to someone who needs to talk about something

Children really do learn from the people that are around them the most. They learn the good and the bad. So if we want our children to grow up and treat other people well, we have to teach them by being kind ourselves.


Written by Shailee Butalia - A second generation Indian mother of a gorgeous daughter living in the USA... writing this on behalf of the wonderful team of Ghotu Motu Ki Toli.

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