Top activities to do with your child in this changing weather
|   Feb 17, 2015
Top activities to do with your child in this changing weather

The weather has been changing quite a bit lately and it is so easy for any child to get bored if they can’t go outside to play. This encourages our strong sense of imagination as we have to come up with different types of activities we can do with our children inside of the house. We wanted to share some of our favorite things to do when it is a cold day outside.

1. Make a “rainy day” box. Encourage your child to use the contents of the box in pretend play. The contents can include typical household items that aren’t necessarily toys the children are used to playing with such as empty cartons, toilet rolls, crayons, pencils, old magazines, left-over party favors, and whatever else stimulates their imagination.

2. Play the “rainy day” game. One player hides a rubber duck inside a room in a place where you can see it. The other player gets to find it.

3. Bake yummy treats like cookies. Get creative with your choice of cookie cutters or choose from your child's collection of play-doh molds. And then you're all set for an afternoon high-tea party!

4. Bring the outdoors indoors. Play the leaping frog game. Pretend that the carpeted area of the room is a pond, spread some hankies or socks, and have your little one leap from one to another safely.

5. Arrange a water balloon bath. Fill balloons with water and let your child play or pop them.

Even better, get into the bath with them and engage in a water balloon fight.

6. Pick up a microphone and sing the rainy day song "Baarish aai chham chham chham" from Ghotu Motu KiToli.

7. Have a dance party in your living room! Put on some fun music and put on a performance for your family.

8.Dress up and pretend to be your favorite characters from a movie.

9. Put on a play. Learn the words to a fun drama and put together a production to show daddy!

10. Build a fort using pillows and blankets. You can also camp out in your fort at night.

Remember..."You're never too old to be young" - Snow White

- a doctor and an Indian mother of a curious 3 year old daughter living in the USA...writing this on behalf of the wonderful team of Ghotu Motu Ki Toli.

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