A Mother's life.
|   Jan 29, 2017
A Mother's life.

She has turned my world upside down.

Everything has changed.

My body, my heart, my house.

How I eat to how long I can eat.

How I sleep to when I can sleep and yes how long I can sleep for.

How I spend the weekend.

Did I just say weekend? Oh sorry, there is no weekend because everyday feels like a Monday to me.

Now I watch movies in three parts.

Part 1, when it is shown on the television for the nth time. And I often see this part after I have seen part 3, which is the ending.

Part 2, I often miss this part.

Part 3, sometimes on mute. If I am lucky that is.

I have a very busy social life, on watsapp.

I am never alone, not even when I go to pee.

Our restaurant visits last for maximum fifteen minutes. We book a table. We order food. Little I decides to run and survey the restaurant. We walk out with a takeaway.

I have learnt to speak and understand a new language - it's called gibberish.

Also, my sense of achievement have changed drastically. Changing her diaper when she was little, I think deserves an award.

I talk non-stop. Sometimes even in my sleep. One, two buckle my shoe and other many more such rhymes.

I sometimes carry fifteen kilos in just one hand. And now, I have well-toned biceps, only in my left arm.

And then, comes the sound of her hearty giggles that remind me to laugh.

And her long gibberish pretend phone calls on the remote control that never end.

Her podgy little palms, her warm hugs, her infinite stories makes me want to stay indefinitely in this upside down world.

Welcome mothers to your's and mine topsy-turvy, giddy life.

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