Oats Lemony Veggie Mix
|   Nov 11, 2016
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Oats Lemony Veggie Mix

When it comes to food, most of us concentrate on two important criteria. I am not talking about the criteria that we want to focus on, like health and diet, but the criteria that we get excited about when we speak about food. Those criteria are, taste and variety. For me, though taste is very important, I get bored with the tastiest of foods if eaten on a regular basis. Variety is much necessary for me to stick to a certain food type. When Quaker Oats was gaining popularity for its small easy to cook sachets and a few varieties, I was excited to try all of them, and I did. I ate Quaker Oats on a daily basis for a good few days. But, slowly I wanted more flavours to come out, firstly to give me some more variety and secondly to have more of the Indian flavours, so I could feel close to home with the Oats. 

And Quaker Oats has addressed just that. They have brought in more flavours, very yummy ones and closer to home than I could have asked for. 

In particular, I liked the Oats Lemon Veggie mix variety of Quaker Oats. Here are the reasons why I loved this particular mix immensely. 

Firstly, it was pretty easy to make owing to the easy instructions provided on the sachet. 

I usually prefer a little tinge of sour taste in my dishes, and honestly most of us do as evident by the dishes we make of tamarind and lemon on a daily basis. So, the name of Lemon Veggie mix itself was appealing to me. 

Once the cooking was done, what came out was a porridge of smooth and firm consistency. It seemed like it was best eaten hot and I did just that. The taste was yummy with the perfect lemon tinge to it that was neither too sour nor too bland. It was just right for my palate. The veggies and the lemon and the oats made a perfect combination. 

After eating the bowl of oats, I felt quite full and satisfied. 

Here are the Top five reasons why you must try this yummy Quaker Oats recipe:

  1. The goodness of Oats: Oats are incredibly nutritious whole grains available in such wide ranges. They are full of Vitamins and minerals necessary for good health. They lower cholesterol, the bad ones and aid in weight loss. They are rich in anti-oxidants which means they delay our aging process. 
  2. The goodness of Lemon: Lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C which means that it aids in wound healing and proper maintenance of our gums and oral health. It is highly rich in anti-oxidants which means along with oats, this ingredient too aids in delayed ageing process. And of course, lemon is an addicting flavour to eat.
  3. The Yummy taste of the product: The taste is incredible, one of the best that I have tasted in Quaker Oats variety. The smooth consistency makes it all the more desirable for it to be eaten. 
  4. Easy to Cook: The instructions hardly take a few minutes. And Bingo, we have a yummy recipe in our hands in such a short time.
  5. For the feeling of satiety: Imagine you are extremely hungry and you want to make something instantly, and that which is tasty and that which will fill your stomach. The answer is Quaker Oats. 

I am definitely excited to see Quaker coming up with so many new flavours, and I am going to try all of them for sure. This has been my favourite till now, but I am open to changing my favourites by trying more flavours. So, why delay. Try this sachet of Oats today and have a healthy, tasty experience!

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