Yummy Snack Recipes With Oats!
|   Oct 14, 2016
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Yummy Snack Recipes With Oats!

Every evening the clock strikes five and worry builds up in my heart. What do I feed my son? Some would say feed him with fruits, and when I try to do that, I feel like my son is saying to me, " Fruits? Are you kidding me, mom?". The same goes with most of the things that I try to feed him as an evening snack. It gets so frustrating sometimes, that I feel like whipping out those packets and packets of frozen food and let him junk feed on it. But, I can't. Yeah, the killer motherly instinct will never let us let our kids get near those frozen foods. So, what next? That is when I started experimenting with healthy snack recipes. Though I include a lot of grains, oats are one of my favorite as I hardly need to let it soak in water like the other grains which make them instantly available anytime I want. Here are my favorite snack recipes made with oats that I personally love:

  • Oats Dosa : Well, this has to be the easiest. You simply powder the oats to a fine powder, add rice flour, add sooji / semolina, add a little salt and water to it, then add all the veggies that your baby would hate taking separately and bingo! You have the instant dosa batter and trust me when I say that it is indeed tasty to have this dosa.

Measurements: For 1 cup of powdered Quaker oats, you would need, 1/4 cup of semolina or sooji, 1/4 cup of rice flour.

  • Oats Cutlet : This is my favorite. In this too, I sneak in all the veggies. We need to first boil all the veggies, preferably including carrot, potato, and whatever you want to. Mash all the vegetables into coarse form while adding salt to it. Then make round flat patties with them and keep them aside. Roast the oats and powder them. To the powder, add maida and water and mix really well till it has a semi-thick consistency. Take the veg patties and coat them with the oats and maida batter and shallow fry them in a pan. Make plenty and plenty of them, because though we make them for our kids, we will end up gorging on these delicious snacks.

Measurements :For 3-4 cups of boiled vegetables, you would need,1 cup of powdered Quaker oats, 3 tablespoons of maida, 1/2 a cup of water.

  • Oats Bhel Puri : To make this you first need to keep aside some yogurt mixed with little salt. Prepare beforehand, boiled chickpeas, potatoes, carrots, beans and any other veggies that you can think of. To a bowl, add coriander leaves, the veggies, oats and to this, add the yogurt and salt. Mix it really well and serve with a snap of tomato sauce at the top. This is perfect for those days when the sun decides to be extra hot and you can use cold yogurt to get that taste of perfect coolness.

Measurements : For 2 cups of Quaker oats, you would need,2 cups of boiled veggies, 1 cup of yogurt with a tiny pinch of salt.

  • Oats Omelette : For this, you will need to cut onions, and carrots into tiny little pieces. Whisk away the eggs with oats, onions, and carrots. Add a pinch of salt to this. You can also powder your oats to get a more uniform consistency, but somehow my son prefers the lumpy ones with oats in the original form. A very healthy recipe and a tasty one.

Measurements :For 2 eggs you would need,1/2 cup of Quaker oats, 1/2 cup onion and carrots sliced into small pieces.

  • Oats and Spinach Pakoda : I always used to think that Popeye, the sailor man was fed with lots of spinach so that kids would get inspired and eat spinach too. But, are kids so simple? No! The biggest challenge a mom usually faces is introducing green leafy vegetables to kids. I had my escape when I made the oats and spinach pakoda recipe. Though a bit higher on the oily side, it is still worth a shot as it has spinach and oats, two major healthy ingredients. The recipe too is quite simple. To freshly washed spinach and oats, you add gram flour or besan, some water, a little bit of salt and make them into small balls. Fry these balls in the oil and you have oats and spinach pakoda ready. Must try the recipe for kids as well as adults.

Measurements :For one cup of Quaker oats, you would need :1/2 cup of spinach, 3/4 cup of gram flour or besan, 1 cup of water checked according to consistency.

So, when you see the recipes, it is clear that oats recipes hardly take time and oats is one of those versatile ingredients that you can blend into almost anything. So, why wait for more? Try all these recipes the coming week for your kid!

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