The 'Unsaid'
|   Sep 12, 2016
The 'Unsaid'

Two days ago, I had a fight with him and decided not to talk. It’s when I realized his importance in my life!! I became so restless that I didn’t get proper sleep! I was thinking about giving him a call or dropping him a “sorry” message , but somehow stopped myself from doing so!! .. But should I say, I miss him badly.

It’s my daily routine , that after coming back from work, I talk to him for at least 15 minutes. I Don’t know from where we get topics to discuss and debate but as a typical men he would update me about all the things happening in and around the world.. We would talk about weirdest things and in between he would crack some stupid jokes which would refresh me from the day long hectic schedule. Those 15 minutes are a sort for relief for me. I find utmost comfort when I am with him. Sometimes he would pamper me like a kid and sometimes he would be as strict as a convent school principal!! It’s quite difficult to understand him at times, but I love him more , when he behave weirdly trying to show his anger on me which doesn’t suites his innocent face at all..

From past two days It seems my life has lost its charm!! I am not able to concentrate on anything.. I am constantly thinking about him! I am not sad because he is not talking to me as I know that it won’t last long!!

We both are so used to each other that none of us can live without hearing each other’s voice. But this time it’s a bit different. As usual he called me back after the fight but it’s me who didn’t receive his call .. I am constantly ignoring him, I just have one thought in my mind, how could he do this to me…?? He has decided to leave me, not because he doesn’t love me anymore but because he thinks that there is someone else destined to me , someone else who would take care of me more than him, someone else who would replace him in my life. but I don’t want anyone else in my life as I know that no one can take his place. I can’t imagine anyone else , when I have him in my life.. I know he is the only one who knows all my negatives but still accepts me the way I am.. the thought of leaving him is eating me day by day and tearing me apart! But I know that I had to face this day in my life.. I have to leave him someday! But how is it possible for me DAD..??

 How can I move ahead leaving all those memories behind! The first touch of yours, when I entered this world, the gentle kiss on my forehead on the first day of my school, the tender touch on my back during my exams which relieved all my worries, the proud face when I came victorious in various events, the tight hug when I was leaving my home for the first time..

I still remember that night when it was raining heavily and you went all the way ,in that rain to get some craft papers for me, as I was crying like hell fearing about the punishment that I would get the next day.

I still remember the days of my board exams when you took leaves though you were having important audits in your office, just to drop me to my examination centre and motivated me continuously as I was suffering from chicken pox and was very nervous about the same!!

I still remember the day when you were walking with me like a gallant hero, while entering the huge office campus for the first time (first job) , and those tears in your eyes when you me left me all alone, to chase my dreams and aspirations!!

 Now all of a sudden someone else would be taking over and my life would change completely.. now no more would I be able to enjoy those drives in scooter nor would I be able to share those ‘cotton candies’(gudiya ke baal) which we used to have in the amusement parks every weekend.. I won’t be able to sit on your lap neither would I be able to enjoy the evening walks holding your hands!! The time has come to bid adieu! To bid adieu to all those childhood memories..

But with a heavy heart and watery eyes I still think “how could you do this to me DAD” !!

Some words remain unsaid and we are only left out with memories that are cherished forever and ever…………

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