Feeling Blue? Blog!
|   Aug 27, 2016
Feeling Blue? Blog!

My husband travels out of town on work often leaving me alone at home with my Five year old child at least Ten days a month. These are the days I feel like I am a single mom...without the added stress of earning for my home!

Weekdays, are bearable, with getting my son ready for school, working out at the gym and picking him after school. But the weekends that my husband is out of town are such a drag...my morning hair lasts me all morning and afternoon too! My son who had been denied 'screen time' all week basically screen binges in the afternoon on his iPad, PlayStation & Television completely ignoring his Mom. The Rainy weather outside doesn't make us feel like venturing out of the house for a walk around the block! Making plans with friends isn't a good idea as they are all busy enjoying quality weekend time with their families! 1:30pm...My part-time maid decides to take the day off...no big deal...not that there is anything much to do in my relatively clean home , well stocked up fridge & pantry! So, what does a Stay-at-home-mom of a school going kid do on a rainy Saturday after she has made sure her kid has washed up & eaten and fully engaged in the virtual world to ignore her?Oh yeah, she calls up her mom & MIL, complains a bit...calls & messages her husband & complains a lot, then does some online social networking...but after a while that gets dull too & she is feeling a little blue...so what does she do next?

3:30pm... Types down her thoughts of course!;). Jots down the ramblings of her mind! Try it out...it's a great way to clear and organise your thoughts! It might even give you a sense of achievement like you have done something useful on a comparatively unproductive day! In the end, that is what it all comes down to...'Have you been useful or has your day been entirely unproductive today?' I do some self introspection on why i feel so glum & realise...it's just the gloomy weather!

4:40pm ...OK, enough typing now it's time to drive & drop my little guy to his Kickboxing class! Let me go hurry up & tame my wild mane,lest, I scare all the people I meet there!

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