1st time mom or 2nd?
|   Jun 22, 2017
1st time mom or 2nd?

First or Second One? Which experience was better for you?

For the first one, the 1st month was the most difficult one for me. I was new to her and she was new to me. I know she's very delicate and all her well being is totally up to me. That is a lot of responsibility and that is actually very scary when you think about it! She would just cry and cry and I would most of the time wonder if it is hunger, diaper change, gas, a stuck burp or something else. And not to mention, the most difficult task was waking her up: rubbing her ears or tickling her feet. With so many people suggesting keeping babies warm,  I used to swaddle her with 2 or more wraps! 

I was overly excited for every firsts of hers, like her first smile, her first turn, her first oil massage, her first tummy time and all of those tiny firsts. I am sure all of you know what I am talking about. 

Well, what do I feel for the second one? I have gone through all of that and now I feel like a pro. I am more confident. Most of the times I can figure out if he is crying out of hunger or needs a diaper change. You are more comfortable carrying him, handling him during his bath and cleaning him. I do not panic for every little cry or scream of his and the most important lesson I learn ed- I swaddle him with just one wrap and tuck him in an extra blanket if it is too cold. The excitement level for the second is a little different than first, it actually depends on how much tired or energy I have left.

I would run to every cry of the first to see if something is wrong, it was worry-some for me as if it is not okay for her to cry. For the second I still run only so that my first one would not wake up. I had no time for anything else when I had my first, I had all my time only for her. Now with two, I am literally dying for 'me time'- girls day or night out, shopping and movies. Things change and fast!

At the end of it, whether it is my first or second, I know that babies are the most wonderful gifts we have got. The first one brought out so much love from inside me that I didn't know existed. And second one brought so much more love again, which made me realize we all have so much inside us and it only gets better.

Pic Courtesy: es.pinterest.com - Jolieanne Photography

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