I miss being with you!
|   Jul 25, 2017
I miss being with you!

We had so much time for each other. We had so much to talk about for hours.

You never got irritated when I had a breakdown. You never missed an opportunity to surprise me.

We enjoyed trying every new cuisine near or far. We enjoyed road trips almost every weekend.

It was so easy talking to you.. it was so easy to ask something of you.. it was so easy to just sit with you.. why did having kids change everything?

Yes we had children. We have more responsibilities. We have more work to do. We have many other priorities. We have many places to be at. But what about us? Our relation, our snuggles, our adult conversation, our date nights, our social outings, our everything! Period.

I miss being with you. I miss your attention. I miss being cuddled and pampered. I miss getting those surprise little gifts. I miss getting dressed for you. I miss waking up looking at you. I miss those evening walks, those long drives, those crazy night outs... I miss laughing aloud with you!!

Why do we forget that without us together we are not parents. I have started to think that I am here only to take care of our children all by myself.

If I am cranky, don't judge me.

If I am whining, just hold me and say it's ok.

If I don't smile, you smile and give me attention.

If I don't make you my priority, you make me yours.

If I can't stop a freak children accident, don't yell at me.

I love you and always will. For now my priorities have changed for a while. Our children need me more than you need me and I need you more than ever. This is a phase and will pass by soon!

I love being a mother but to be a good mother I need you by my side. Your support, your care, and your love makes me stronger, makes me happier, makes me love you and our children even more.

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