Girl's Future in India
|   Nov 09, 2016
Girl's Future in India

I do not know where to start from. I thought life would be same even after marriage but what I forgot was I live in India where only society matters not their own children. They would say this is what life is, try and adjust, do your deeds and don't worry about the outcome. Everyday I'm the one who has to compromise and give up on my even the smallest of wishes cause I'm living with my in laws and just because I'm a girl. It's only a girl's duty to build the house and take care of the family, do all the chores, a guy will only earn and that's it. I've lost all the freedom, neither can I walk out, nor eat things I like or wear what I want to, take a veil on my head cause that would show my respect towards them even if I don't in my heart, can't even breathe without the permission of my in laws. I was a commodity for my parents, they unloaded the weight and they're done. All they would do now is try to convince me to adjust with this miserable life and cry with me is the only support I've got from my parents. Things won't change no matter what, there is no silver lining in this story. I've to struggle with my career and be a maid and a slave for my in laws together with it, who has to beg for even 10 rupees. And as per our awesome society, they're good cause they've given PERMISSION to do a job.

My parents are like they've given you permission to do a job, to breathe, there are families which don't allow even this. My parents are just great, aren't they. Instead of helping me out, my mother in law is making me go through this cause she went through this, hence the revenge. She could have supported me cause she went through the tough times, but no she decided to give me the taste of the same medicine.

Girls have bright future only until they're with their parents, with their own family, as soon as they get married they're ripped off of their even smallest of wishes. Unwilling she has to sleep early cause she has to wake up early to do all the chores on her own. Is forced to stay up at night and again wake up early the next day. I regret being a girl sometimes or rather even being born. Adjustments, compromises, tears is all left for me. I've been bought by my in laws as a slave. Things are not going to change, cause I don't have it to change.

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