Status of a women after marriage in India
|   Nov 16, 2016
Status of a women after marriage in India

I have attended my best friend's marriage, i met with her after a long time almost after 7years but our friendship is still alive. She contacted me after her marriage and telling me about her first night. She told me everything about her first night with her husband, that she was not comfortable with him because she barely know him. She told him not to do right know but he hold her and told i am your husband and i have all rights on you. I'll not control any more. She have to go through all pains and she was not ready at all. She tell her parents they simply said "beta wo husband h tera jo chahe kr skta hai", you have to cooperate with him. Then after 2 days i called her and now she is totally changed and now she is agree that he is her husband and he has all rights on her. I am also going through tough relationship and now she was saying, stop thinking much and just comprise and settle with your husband. I told her about other options also- divorce, separation.. but she was like "OMG, tera dimag to nahi khrab ho gya, shaadi ho gyi h ab ese hi adjust krna hoga ". Even parents also saying the same thing, in spite of helping me they are forcing me to adjust with my in laws. Every day i have to do all house hold chores and also killed my wishes. I have left my job for my in laws and now i am not feeling comfortable here i want to escape from here. I tried many times but my family and in laws didn't let me to do so. Now i am searching my job so that i'll get out of this house. But i don't know what goes wrong i am not getting any job. Life is becoming hell for me. I read all articles about tortures on women but "kuch change nahi ho ra" everything remain same. I am writting but i know nothing going to change. I am expressing my feelings. Before marriage i was like a free bird but after marriage i am like a prisoner. I have no choices, no wishes, no dreams. Everyone are thinking about their so called "ijjat(reputation)" in society. Getting a job is also a tuff job here. Women goes through mentally torture alot but nobody bother about it. She has to face many problems in society, home, coorporate world... everywhere.

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