Tips for treating yourself
|   Jun 01, 2017
Tips for treating yourself

Listen to your body: If you are not feeling well don”t exert yourself anymore. Listen to your body immediately .Have a sound sleep .Take a healthy steamed meal and hot warm water.Ignoring body signals may do more harm.

Drink plenty of fluids: Drink as much water and juice as possible to help counter the dehydration . Fluids are also important for loosening and removing secretions and stuffiness from the body. Fluids may also help soothe a sore throat. Alcohol and caffeine tends to dehydrate, so try to avoid it. Fluids are helpful in expelling out toxic material out of body.It is very important to have plenty of water during fever ,running nose , sore throat.

Refrain from smoking: Smoking makes it difficult for your body to eliminate mucous from the lungs and may predispose you to bronchitis or pneumonia. This would be a good time to consider quitting. If you choose not to quit, try not to smoke during the respiratory illness.

To relieve a sore throat :Drink plenty of fluids.Gargle with warm water (you can add salt) to help reduce any inflammation. Powdered alum powder roasted on griddle and its intake with tsp. of Honey thrice a day is best remedy to cure sore ,inflammated throat.

For congestion: Try sleeping on your back with your head raised on two or three pillows. Intake of 5 pcs. of Munnakka soaked in water overnight (if summers) ,not soaked just washed (in winters) twice a day i.e. empty stomach in morning and before sleep at night with warm milk is a wonderful remedy for relief from congestion and any lung problem.

For Fever : Warm 1 Sweet lime (Mausambi) by keeping it in hot water for 15-20 minutes. Peel it and cut it into pieces. Intake these pieces with honey. This is natural form of paracetamol which not only reduce fever but also provide energy to the body. Tulsi tea also proves to be beneficial in fever.

Burn Injury : For any kind of burn injury immediately apply Mustard oil and salt on the injury for atleast 45 minutes. It will burn a little but this remedy leaves not a single mark on the skin.

Don”t apply any water or ice or any gel directly apply mustard oil and salt immediately.


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