Bhat a Bhest Oph Time (What a waste of time)
|   Jul 26, 2016
Bhat a Bhest Oph Time (What a waste of time)

La... lala... lala... la lalalala Lubh ij a bhest oph time! (Love is a waste of time) Is that true? Or isn't it this way... Love is the wonder drug, that which has always been there, nudging us from the outside and from the inside too. Love has always been there and yet never been discovered enough... To begin with, it brings life to the planet, it sustains life on the planet and it keeps life healthy and happy and multiplying. Is that a waste of time? I am sorry... I have a problem understanding this. So I decided to list out Bhat ij the Bhest oph time (What is the waste of time), if it ij not lubh.

The other day I passed by a person, who it seems got very upset with me some time back, to the extent that she picked up the phone and shouted out at me. I tried my best to explain my point, going to the extent of visiting her at her home, bad idea I know now. I tried to make peace with her. Since she lives in my apartment complex, I could afford to do that. She was alright when I met her. I liked her actually. I would have loved to associate with her. I really wanted her to be, if not friendly, at-least neutral to me. As luck would have it, it did not appease her. The next time I met her with a broad smile, she looked back at me like stone, it was not indifference it was more than that. It was a devastating look. I was strung hard and athwart. The matter was closed for me that very moment. I let her be.

I met her again months later. It’s a large apartment complex where I live, it is easy to not see a neighbour for months, if they don't live in the same block. I did not bother her with even a hint of recognition. But then it showed on her face. A loath that made her otherwise soft features into something hard and unlikable. Her face dried up, I could see that her whole composure was tense at the very sight of me. I wondered if this is what she wants, neglecting me completely or she might rather let bygone be bygone. I left the matter there.

I met her again after another hiatus of a few months. She was even stiffer and dry this time. I wondered why she hurts herself, when she actually wants to hurt me. However small the matter in question be. I know she is spreading something wrong about my Little Venture that she is upset with. I know for sure she is a primary cause for my Venture to kind of collapse in the middle under its own weight. I know that she is not sure she did the right thing. But I was also not very sure about my own venture. I was not sure I wanted it in the way I created it. I thought whatever she did, did not really matter in the larger scheme of things. I really wish she will not dry herself up, chafe herself and make herself depressed in an effort to destroy me. Because it really does not matter to me. I wanted to walk up-to her and tell her that. But I did not think she would understand. She has gone too far to regress now... I let her be with her misery.

Our health is in our two hands. Anything that makes us sick is a Bhest oph time! Contempt, Anger, Jealousy, Burning up people's hopes and desires, Causing rifts, Hatred, Distrust, Enmity, Hurting others people’s feelings or physique, Vengeful attitude, ... oh one can be creative and keep adding more to the list. These are all the opposite of Love. In-fact the worst enterprise on the planet is revenge. These are all the surest tools to make oneself unhappy. The question to ask is, do we really hate ourselves so much, that we would make ourselves unhappy, just so we can make someone else unhappy? Oh the answer is never yes, if you really listened.

A few years back I was no less a dried pickle than this neighbour of mine. But then my quest for happiness and good health made me discover these age old, long forgotten wisdom. You can very well imagine me and this neighbour, both confronting each other like two mummified potatoes. Eyes dried and red, hands flinching as if to charge, face droll, body stiff as a stick, throat lumped up with suppressed anger. And then again, how would it help me to reciprocate the hatred? For the sake of a raisin, don't a raisin be said my heart. I have a whole world of people I smile at and they smile back at me, I'd rather nurture that.

I have a better idea, let 'em hate their heart's content, let 'em discover what's bad with me and let 'em memorise it all by-heart, the problem is… I will never quiz them or evaluate them on their knowledge base! Bhat a bhest oph time phor them (What a waste of time for them).

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