Black sheep in white collar - Molestation at office
|   Jun 12, 2017
Black sheep in white collar - Molestation at office

Reena rejoined her office after her career break due to higher studies. She worked at the same office for 3 years and then took a break so it was easy for her to rejoin again and she felt at ease when she was put up at the same project where she was working. Nothing much changed but her few colleagues and her supervisor. She was known to her extraordinary performance and her awards at her workplace. Her supervisor was a super-cool person with open minded ideas and taking extra miles to achieve targets.

Reena was excited to have such a super leader who was friendly, encouraging and understanding. She even started to admire the way he worked at the issues and took him as a role model in her career. She is a person who always looked for encouragement which she hasn't received even once after her marriage in her husband's place. The long working hours and frequent meetings made Reena to spend more time with her boss where she developed the trust on him and shared her daily happenings with him and even got solutions to few problems she faced in her life not knowing the consequences of sharing her personal with a stranger whom she know for less than 6 months.

He started coming to her home with his family and moved closely with her husband and the kids. She felt more comfortable when her family accepted the new friend not knowing the master plan behind the move.

Whenever she told about her husband not spending adequate time with her and on the preference not given on the decisions they take, he always tell her on how he love his wife and children and the time they spend together. Whenever she feels bad about the things that happen to her, he will make sure to portray him as the best husband, son and a parent. She slowly started to admire not only on his leadership qualities but also on his personal front. This went to an extent that she didn't felt bad when he patted her or held her hand for no reason.

He understood her weakness and started to play his game of praising her always in front of others. He tested her threshold limit by openly commenting on her features and the attire she was wearing but she was not able to open up her mind to think what was really happening around her. Days passed and the bossy creature got a good offer in another company where he started his real game. On a lunch, he typed a message on his phone and showed it to her about his longingness for his relationship with her and it was at that time she understood his wicked mind. He went to the extreme level and tried to convince her saying, When no one knows about anything nothing was wrong in a relation. He made sure that no evidence should be left on the conversations he had and Reena was also not able to share this to her partner since she was praising her boss all day in her home and even compared him with her husband on few instances. She was not able to ignore him completely due to the working structure but started to avoid him. The bossy man knowing all the secrets of Reena started pressurising her openly and gave her mental torture. The poor female didn't know what to do but inspite of her financial need she quit the company learning a lesson about strangers for her entire life.

Like Reena, many of the working women are facing such molestations at office on a daily basis but do not know what to do or how to face the situation boldly. Listed here are few points which will help to cut off such happenings at the earlier stage.

Few things to be remembered for working women:

1. Never judge a person by their attitude in office. You may not know about his off-work status.

2. Do not stay too close to anyone in the office. You may not know their intention of moving with you unless you know them very well.

2. Never share your personal information and grievances to everyone at the office. You may not know how the information passes through so many ears and mouths.

3. Be alert when someone praises you often or adjusts to all your requirements.

4. Make sure to question yourself when someone helps you voluntarily

5. Do not give negative comments on your relationship with your parter and his family.

6. When anyone talks about your attire often, make sure to tell him upfront that you don not want to hear such comments any more.

7. Never allow another men to say that your daughter/son is like his child.

8. Never allow any one to comment negatively on your husband/kids or your in-laws. Make sure to tell them often that you love your family very much.

9. When you hear comments like," You are a best partner/mom or multitasker" and compares with his wife saying that she lags in everything, give a warm smile saying" Every women do her best to give a comfortable life to him". Never nod your head and ask questions like why? how? etc. Creating sympathies are one of the tactics the men follow to trap a women.

10. Even after all these, if you feel that you are still under pressure never ignore to write up to the sexual harassment committee that you have in your office and let your parter knows about it too.

I'm not saying that all the men are the same but it will take time to pick up the "pearl relationship" from the ocean and we may need to wait to approve any lifetime relationships.

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