I'm living in relationship with EMI
|   Feb 06, 2017
I'm living in relationship with EMI

When Dr.Shanthi confirmed that Ritika was carrying a bundle of joy, she was the happiest person in the world. When she was discussing the good news with Raj, his concern made her to worry. He wanted to pay the pending debts they had for their new house. He was worried since he was the only breadwinner of the family and thought he cannot manage the additional costs due to the entry of a new member. But both Ritika and Raj knew for sure that paying the EMI completely will take a big part of their life. Did they had a child then? I don't know. But I knew for sure they will be chasing their dreams against EMI throughout their life.

This is just one story of a family due to the entry of EMI.

The header may look funny but the truth is 60% of the middle class people got trapped in the hands of invisible demon so called "EMI". You may ask me , "Who wanted you to buy a house and suffer now?". As we humans behave as the herd of sheep most of the time, I too wanted to buy a place to get settled in future not knowing the fact that getting a house on loan will never make me to get settled down. I being a women in the above said category is running to catch my dream, to live a peaceful life. Of course I got a house now for the price of my peace.

The entry of EMI changed our entire life style. I'm looking forward to buy a dress without seeing its price tag at least once, to order my food in a restaurant without seeing the price list, to get a toy for my kid on-line without sorting the price range from low to high. So many wishes but the dream is only one "To pay the EMI sooner and relax for an hour without thinking about the demon". Thinking about all these, I still run faster to catch my dream.

When I met my friend and discussed about the investments, his thought process was entirely different and it was mindful too..He too comes under my category of running life. I want to share you the points he discussed so that we can think again on the future big investments..

Dude, I never wanted to buy a house due to the following reasons.

1. Getting an individual house in a metropolitan city needs a lot of money for which I'm not ready for now.

2. If I'm buying a flat also, I need to think on certain points. We work in an IT park area where the cost of the flats are very high. Investing so much money and getting a small single bedroom flat is not I want now. Instead I can pay a good amount of rent which I would have paid as a part of monthly EMI and live in a spacious double bedroom flat.

3. If I really wanted to have my own flat I can opt for a bigger one but I can buy it far from the city due to the cost. We both work in the city and it will take us hours to reach our home and will get tired. We need to get ready from home at least 2 hours earlier to reach office on time. This remains the same for my kids too.

If I do not have my own house I can rent a house in a common location where the transport will be easier for both of us and my kids. We will come home soon and have a relaxed evening. I can also look for a better house option if I need in future.

4. If I'm going to get a flat in my home town, I have to rent it and as you know the rent will be much lower than the rent here. Again I have to pay for EMI as well as for the rent.

I asked him, "How about the future safety and investments"?

He replied, "Of course, I'm doing it but on lands. Their value will not depreciate on time as we have it for flats. Also the investment will not be very high as for flats. I can buy lands thinking about their future value and invest on it. By the same time I'm also saving money to get an individual house. When the market value is suitable and when I'm ready with sufficient principle amount, I would buy a house selling the land along with my investments. By this way my burden of paying EMI will be reduced a lot and soon will I be able to repay my debts. Our parents own a home and has not suffered as we are today to pay the EMI. We have time and age. Why to rush and put ourselves in trouble? I don't want to spend money on blood pressure check ups.

Is he not mindful?? Can you share your thoughts on the above article to save our friends and neighbours from the medical bills who thinks about the investments.

Let me end up this with a letter to EMI.

Dear EMI,

Do you know something. I'm hungry but not able to eat. I'm feeling sleepy but not able to sleep. Anxiety has become a character of me. Even my daughters know about since you have become a daily topic in our home.


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