No one told me but I wish to say you on your marriage.....
|   Dec 18, 2016
No one told me but I wish to say you on your marriage.....

Dude, I know you will be carrying excitement and nervousness throughout your blood nowadays as you are getting married soon. I'm going to share you something which I have understood from my life. Don't take it as an advice as your mind may shut down after you hear the word "Advice". Just take it as an information you need to know before your marriage.

  1. Don't be judgemental - We often come to a conclusion about people before we understand them completely. After your marriage you will have to attend a lot of functions and will meet more people from your in-laws side. If you find anyone with whom your mind says something negative, please stop. Never judge anyone sooner. The verse, "First impression is the best impression" has failed many times in my life.
  2. Show the gratitude whenever possible - I know you are going to be the newly married girl and everyone in the family will be helping you many times and will treat you special. Never take it for granted. Whenever your sister-in-law gets water for you between the meal when you have a hiccup, never have in mind that you will also do it for her and that's it. Say "Thank you" every time. Remember you are not pleasing her but indirectly teaching her how she needs to be with you too.
  3. Cooking is an Ice breaker - As I was before, you are also a guest to your kitchen. Many people give you ideas to stay away from cooking at least for a shorter duration saying , "I don't know cooking" or "yet to learn". Believe me, cooking is the best ice-breaker between you and your mother-in-law. Always try helping her so that you can learn cooking soon and will get a chance to speak more to her by which you can understand her better.
  4. Never compare you with your sister-in-law - You will come to hear so many talks around you saying, "You are not treated like your sister-in-law and your in-law is showing partiality. You may also think that way sometimes. Remember, never compare you with your sister-in-law. Accept the universal law that daughters and daughter-in-laws are of course not the same. Even if someone in our family complains about it, just say "She is special in her own way and I will find mine soon in the family".
  5. Respect their thoughts too -  You will get more chances after marriage to spend time with your new family. Sometimes you may need to wear a dress which is liked by your hubby or in-law that you doesn't want to wear. Never think that your freedom has gone, you are not able to decide for yourself. Stay calm and relax. Remember you have chosen a topic of seminar you doesn't want to present at all just to please the teacher and get good marks. This is not about pleasing but to make them understand that you respect their thoughts too. By this you make them clear that they are expected to respect your thoughts as well when time comes.
  6. Be on time - Whenever you are asked to get ready for an outing, make sure you make yourself ready on time and do not make others wait for you. Plan things accordingly. Don't give lame excuses. Someone who respects the time will be respected by everyone and will be seen as someone with responsibility.
  7. Never let your family down - Some people will start to share the negatives or faults about their family to their in-laws and their in-laws family to their parents. Never do it anytime in your life. Try to understand that no people is perfect without mistakes. As you have accepted your parents , try to accept your in-laws as they are without complaining them to your mother because both the families will be respected by each other for the rest of your life only by how you portray them.
  8. It is ok to say sorry - Sometimes you may come across a situation where you may need to say "Sorry" for no fault in your side. Do not hesitate but say it to make the situation better. But don't forget to explain them clearly what has happened and your point of justice.
  9. Life is not cinematic - I know you have a lot of dreams about your new life but never think that it will be as you see in the cinema. It is only "YOU" who decides how your life has to be in future and your mindfulness will make your life even more interesting and romantic than any movie.
  10. Give time - I know your hubby is the only son and as all mothers fear, your mother-in-law will also take additional care of her son after you come to his life. Don't think or complain that she is not giving enough space for both of you. It may be the outcome of her anxiety and it will diminish as soon as she understands that you will take care of him as she did and you have come to be a partner and not to grab him and run away. I will give you a tip, whenever you talk to your in-law , quote as "your son". This will make her happy inwardly and this phase of belonging will diminish very soon.

Dear, Life is all about love. Even after all your efforts, if something goes wrong, give sometime. Acceptance always take time but if you make your presence firm and felt by everyone with your charming smile, we can turn everything better. Try to accept people as they are and see the positives in them rather than adjusting with them for no person is bad in this world and you cannot live adjusting for your entire life.

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