Be a happy parent raise a happy child
|   Sep 02, 2016
Be a happy parent raise a happy child

If u have a newborn and wonders when he will start taking top feed ,or you have a toddler and you already shortlisted the tricycle that she will ride maybe you have a teenager for whose college admissions you have already done research equalling a dissertation work..than welcome to the world of over ambitious and stressed out parents.


According to Prof Byron , who specialises in child and adolescent mental health, said some families adopted a spreadsheet approach to raising children, with their school life and career path mapped out for them from the start.

We all want the best for our children but there are parents where the best is a huge projection, so that the child reflects something about them as parents, she said.

What should be the right approach 

There is nothing wrong in being ambitious as a parent but don't over plan . Let's think the child to be like clay which can be moulded with slight guidance but it has its inherent nature , capabilities,strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Don't run out of steam. Rearing a child is a beautiful feeling. Don't over do things enjoy each and every moment No one is perfect we make mistakes so we can't be perfect parents.Be a happy parent .
  • Give confidence to the child We are not here to make choices for the child but we are there to make him confident that he can take rightful decision in life.
  • Making him a happy person

    There may be short term goals of finding the right bicycle, the best school,the right courses,college , career to finding spouse ( true in Indian set up) but ultimate aim of a parent should be making him a happy individual.A socially adjusted person a healthy person spreading happiness around him. There may be different approach to parenting but it is important to remember 3 a,b,c of parenting.

    Always trust your child ,boost his self esteem.

    Bring out best in your child he can be painted a singer an artist ,mathematician or any thing.Help him find what he is happy doing in his life .

    Consistency in your behaviour towards children can make them assured confident and help them in taking decisions . If as a parent you are not sure keep changing your stand the child will become confused and less sure about you and him.

    As this a tip of ice berg there can be more views on this issue . We may take up how to be  happy parents in detail for that suggestions are welcome.

    Till than be a happy parent raise a happy child .

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