My teenager an unpredictable monster?
|   Sep 08, 2016
My teenager an unpredictable monster?

He wants to get a tattoo done..

Her phone addiction causing anxiety..?

She is loosing weight..

She wants to buy that weird short dress for her birthday

Finding it tough to handle a teenager at home? 

Is parenting a teenager has become a tough ordeal ?

Has he become an unpredictable monster? 

If yes than you need to tweak your parenting style a bit.

Treat them as young adults Allow them to take small decisions . If the outcome is not harming them than let them learn from their mistakes . Some issues are not such big but we as parent sometimes panic and make them big.

Respect them They are not helpless kids you were used to spoon feed and take care .Let them flourish .Be there around the boundary wall to take care when they need you . Give them space to grow and respect there new found intelligence. Respect their privacy . You Don't want to know every details .Start trusting them and tell them if they break trust their freedom will be curbed.

Invest in early years  It requires efforts on part of parents but involving their kids in friendly activities and teaching the morals and family values goes a long way.Communicating a lot through early teens or tweens brings the child closer .They may be under peer pressure in teenage but the closeness that you develop will help. They will turn to you for advice if the channels are open .

Don't pressurise Ten years down the lane grades in class will not matter .What matters is your child's integrity ,honesty, efficiency, hard work and health and positive nature. Of course we can't allow them to fail but that's also not the end of the road. Very often it is not easy for parents to accept that their child is a average academically. Accept and move on.

Hone his skills  this is the time when child tries to find his identity. He may be very good musician or good at computers help him develop that skill.when you understand your child's strength and weaknesses you as a parent is more assured and in turn spread positivity and make child confidence.

Punish the wrong behaviour and not your child spanking ,shouting ,yelling is not going to help you achieve anything . For breaking rules parents can take up some liberties from children and explain calmly that their behaviour has broken the trust and it is not may explain their earlier good behaviour and tell positive things about the outcome.Humilation is not going to discipline him.Put your hand on his shoulder look into his eyes lovingly and than talk about the issue .

Empathise No one like a preaching parent .They are more interested to listen to a friend.So next time the child is expressing about his friend or his teacher ,don't start preaching immediately first empathise and connect . The child should feel that they are on same wavelengths.

Freedom with some control should be the ideal situation . A teenager may want to be independent but he or she wants the parents to be in control. They will be assured and confident if they know their limits and also knowing their parents stand on various issues will help them in taking decisions so be firm and consistent.

As the days passes they will become less rebellious and more loving assured and positive so don't worry it is just a phase be alert and patient.

So as they say be happy and raise a happy child and it is indeed walking a tight rope...

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