Reasons to Declutter your space this diwali
|   Oct 12, 2016
Reasons to Declutter your space this diwali

No space??

Cupboards are full??

Haven't used certain things for last so many years??

Children are growing no space for their stuff??

Getting irritated with your home ??

If yes this is the right time to Declutter your space and what could be better than this festive season. There could be ample reasons but here I want to relate five reasons which should motivate you to weed out unnecessary stuff from your life

As the expert says decluttering brings abundance. When your house is full of unused things and unorganised it brings heaviness and irritability . When one starts one's day moving aroung heaps of stuff not used over the years it tends to make the person stressed.

People who believe in fengshui and vastu also can relate negativity and stuck up energy with cluttered spaces around.

Positivity When we throw junk and clear our space we bring positive energy into our life .our space are more spacious and they are more open for new ideas and creativity . Just like our brains are more peaceful when they are free of stuck up ideas similarly our homes are also more peaceful.

Finding lost items When we weed out not used or dumped items we tend to find our lost items and sometimes find forgotten items that we want to purchase again.

Realisation when we Declutter and throw unnecessary things we realise how much we have purchased over the years and what are the things we don't use and should never get tempted to buy . Someone keep buying one piece dresses she never wears and when she weeds out she realised that she has almost five brand new ones . This should help in resisting the urge to buy same thing again.

Charity when we sort out our homes we find lot of things which we can donate and help others who need us more than us.

According to leading psychiatrists clutter can affect negatively the relationships also. When our mind is tensed and feeling a space crunch we don't enjoy beauty of life .

Detachment Over the time we realise we Indians are hoarders we attach sentimental values to every little things from unused imported watches to jeans you wore in your teens. When we throw  unwanted things  we detach and detangle our lives and hence simplify it more .

So moral of the story is start decluttering right now make your life easy . 

To start with one can take fifteen day challenge till diwali . 

We can start with one packet a day. Little piece of advice do the weeding out activity with your partner so that you can take collective decisions .

 I am sure this can give you lot of time to communicate and bond together.

Be assured that something which you haven't used over years and something you can easily access or buy if needed in future should be thrown away immediately. Like the half used candles from birthday cake or crayons your child has stopped using or the fancy dress props you once used for your party.

Remember a bag a day will keep stress away

HAPPY CHUCKING OUT . (Do share experiences).

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