Learning, Implementing and learning afresh one more time!!
|   Mar 03, 2016
Learning, Implementing and learning afresh one more time!!
You all must be wondering, why the heck is this title so complicated. Well, this was the most straight way I could keep the title! Pardon my complex limited literary thought process !!

Now what am I learning, Implementing, and learning again... Well I am learning to bear my children, a 7 year old very sensitive and caring son and a 3 year old very naughty and authoritative daughter.. 

I am learning from here,there and everywhere how to shape them mentally, physically, emotionally into the kids of substance! I have implemented my learnings, failed at most, succeeded at few.. And many a learnings have just stayed in my heart!! 

And why  do I have to learn afresh?! Well, the things that get a thumbs-up for my elder one, just fall face down for my little one! 

So for her, I have to learn something very different  over again! 

While this difference of behavior in dealing with them takes a toll on me... My elder one who is a wise boy now has started observing the difference! And here start a list of troubles!! 

"Mummy, when you say waking up early is a good habit, why  are  you happy with R's habit of waking up late?"

"Mummy, when you say throwing tantrums and shouting is not a sign of good behaviour, why do you let R do these?"

"Mummy, when you say caring and sharing is an act of high value, why don't you want R to learn this?"

"Mummy, when eating chocolates is a bad thing, why do you give R as many chocolates as she wants?"

Phew! The list can go on and on, sibling rivalry will never go... 

So what is my reply to a confused growing son who is slowly stepping into boyhood from his childhood... I just meekly reply " she is still your baby sister " , I could have added "she is not as smart and as quick learner as you" , instead I add " like you and all of us want to emulate the great ppl, I am readying you as a role model  for her to look up to, and I am training you to be good enough to teach her the ways of life".

He walks away happily feeling proud, that Mummy finds him better than her ( see whatever I learn and implement , I cannot let that sibling rivalry go... I will have to learn some new answer again!! )

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