How not to Raise a child..
|   May 20, 2017
How not to Raise a child..

How not to raise a child.

The other day I was watching Alice in Wonderland with my 2.5 year daughter..

She got super excited to see that how Alice drank something and became tiny in that Wonderland​.

With the same thoughts I slept and had a dream that instead of Alice I became the tiny girl and had to face all the challenges because of my tiny size..

Our children they are so tiny for this big world.. Why don't we think from their vision.

Being blessed with a child is a privilege. A privilege given to us by the almighty.. And we have to nurture that ...

From a child's point of view 

How not to raise them.

Always remember two things

1. Dont raise your voice

2. Don't raise your expectations

Just be yourself

When I say don't raise your voice is because children have never been very good at listening to their elders(No Matter what your pitch is) but they have never failed to imitate them.

Children are great mimic, not only that they love exaggerating

Almost all the kids have tried their mother’s lipstick not only for their makeup, but their dolls and their dad's.

And now the second NO

Don't raise your expectations..

They are just joyful kids.. You don't have to make a childhood resume for them 

Don't compel your child to have a future you can brag about to your friends with stickers at the back of your car.

Every child is unique and so are his capabilities. 

You must be thinking that if everything is a No. Then what to do..


You can't be a good parent anyways.. Nobody has ever been.

Even if you have cricket team of kids, .You may raise 10 nicely. But the 11th one will contradict your hypothesis which you were about to get patented.

Children are like this only. . Unpredictable

A successful kid can only be raised without over parenting.

The most you can give your bundle of joy is ambience..

Let me ask you something

What do you​expect when you go to a fine dining restaurant

From the lights, flooring, cutlery, soft instrumental music to food..

A perfect fine dining experience.

And when you visit a dhaba

Loud noise, large plates, open eating place and the delicious oily spicy food.

Here is my point.

If you give the child the dhaba ambience you cannot expect fine dining experience..

Give your child the right ambience, the right space.

Raise the child with his own intelligence

What you have created is a body by giving your genetic material

You cannot create a life.

One thing every parent don't want their child to be is, to be like them .

If u have want them to have a big one

If you are rich you want them to be even richer.

And that is evolution

If you want to produce something better than yourself, stop parenting them..

What they want is a good company not a boss walking around. 

Raise yourself before you raise your kids..

Let free the child and let them face the challenges of life without hesitation, let them try their luck and explore the endless possibilities that will make them strong and parents proud..

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