|   Jun 24, 2017

On one bad day because of all the nonsense and this that going on in my mind, I was ofcourse off track and in a stupid mood.

My daughter unaware of my imaginary land, came in a playful mood to me and politely asked me to play tea party.

I said NO

And then the tantrums...

My 3 year old is spoiled and pamperd to the core..for which obviously me and my husband are responsible..

She started crying on top of her voice and started pulling the bedcover.

I responded in an equally loud voice, and she followed me.

We both were in a comptetion of raising the shouting and she crying..

I wanted her to understand that I am in no mood to bear her tantrums and she should go for a nap..( all by herself )

On the other hand she just wanted to play tea party with me.

The scene continued for about 10-12 min and she got so tired crying that she slept on her own.

After that I came out of the room and cried like hell.

My daughter just slept crying..

She cried contiously for 15 min..

Only thing she was asking was my time..

I could have been polite and explained her or may be just played with her for those 15 min...

Instead i made her cry..

This is the baby I prayed for..soon she will grow up and will be busy with her routine and classes..

The day she was just the size of my hand, then she flipped, and crawled and walked and ran....time has never been and will never be in my control..

I wasted the precious 15 min of my motherhood, 

I wasted 15 min of my daughter's innocence.

I showed her something that she doesn't deserve..

I showed her 


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