you are truly a treasure Maa...:)
|   May 14, 2017
you are truly a treasure Maa...:)

The significant and contribution of a mother in life cannot be figure out. She not only brings us in this world but also faces extreme hardship to rise up the way they do.

          Maa is a very beautiful word. When we listen this word automatically a smile comes on our face which is very calm and relaxed. She is the only one in this world who do’s a lot of for us with selfless feeling.

           “No matter how old we grow!!” But the mother will always be a mother. Luckily I have two Maa in my life. One is you Maa who gave me birth and nurtured me in a very elegant manner the way you can. you raised me up in all good and worst conditions.  Now the another one is you my Mother-in-law (Mumiji) who cares me a lot and helps me and guide me everywhere you are building-block of our home, a true home-maker who is always there to support me. I learnt a lot from you.

            “I would like to give a big thank to both of you for the contribution of you both in my life”. Maa I remembered each and everything that how stubborn I was and how you fulfill all my demands in every condition and guide me, support me and taught moral values to us. When nobody was with me only you were with me. I still remembered that turning point in my life when one day you told me that you are looking a boy for me for my marriage, and I said I have already seen a boy for marriage you please don’t  look any more. You were shocked because inter-cast marriage is not allowed in our religion, caste. But you were the lady who was standing in front of all only for my sake and my wish.

             I am very thankful to you and just because of you it was happened and I am very happy In my life. Now mumiji I met with you, you are like my guide who guides me how to tackle everything and hard phases of life. You never imposed me anything and always treats me as your daughter. The learning phase is still going with you mumiji.         

              There is something intriguing between having a mother and being a mother. I am learning from you that how to be a good mother as like you   thank you  for taking care of my son too. I am learning to nurture him from you.

              Although thank you seems very small to say when I think all the sacrifices you have made me. I Love you both mummy and Mumiji. I am wishing you a “Happy Mother’s Day.”

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