Develop interest in Mathematics for the Kids
|   Mar 19, 2016
Develop interest in Mathematics for the Kids
Naughty maths works on the “Game based Learning” model.
When children are promoted to learn while playing, they tend to comprehend and remember better. They enjoy more as games are fun and stress-free. Kids practice 'n' number (and type) of problems that feels like play.
This type of learning can also be termed as “Adaptive Learning”. It is dynamic and involves increased participation from children. Advance interpersonal skills and improved brain capacities always trail game based learning.

How playing Naughty Maths games improves children's brain capacities?

Games always drive competitive spirit in every child. Therefore, learning games makes a child
1 Adaptive
2 Attentive

3 Active (mentally and physically) 
4 Action-oriented

Let your child learn maths basic calculations as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division 


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