Advertising to young kids – should it be allowed?
|   Nov 13, 2015
Advertising to young kids – should it be allowed?

Watching a cartoon program with my son one day I came across an advertising of a dietary supplement for kids actually ending with the lines “ ask your mom to buy you XXX today”

I was amazed yet again by such act of blatant direct marketing to kids. Research has shown that teens do influence purchase decision for vehicles and consumer durable brands however the target audience for brands today seems to be becoming younger and younger.

 Should it be allowed…in some developed countries there is a ban on such advertising but obviously not the case here. There were some news reports on the regulatory bodies becoming tougher with brands on their claims but the larger point is advertising to kids.

A kid watching an hour of TV a day would be exposed to a minimum of 10-15 brands talking to him or her…and trying to occupy their mind space.

Is it ethical? Should young vulnerable kids be exposed to tall claims by brands making a beeline for the parents wallet? Though  the final choice of purchase always rests with us…is it ethical though is the larger point?

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