Celebrating birthdays of young one’s no longer the same
|   Aug 28, 2015
Celebrating birthdays of young one’s no longer the same

While we were growing up, did any of us ever come across the concept of outsourcing the planning and execution of a birthday party? I am sure to most of us and our mothers this concept was  alien. While it may have existed in very niche pockets, the concept today has grown tremendously in popularity.

In hindsight our parents obviously went through a lot of trouble to give us great and memorable parties. Right from hand crafting the invitation cards, to decorating the house with streamers and balloons to concocting interesting games for entertainment to planning return gifts and baking the perfect cake, not to mention rest of the ambitious items on the menu –  all done singlehandedly  in house, largely by mothers.

Today, organizing a birthday party is all about a visit to the nearest fast food restaurant of choice…deciding the menu, return presents, birthday games and you are done! All you have to do is to arrive ten minutes before the party begins and enjoy … easy as a walk in the park!

In fact, party planning and execution is a thriving business going by the number of specialty shops that have sprung up with multiple offerings to make your child’s birthday special.

I too have been guilty of falling prey to this convenient offering in the market…but there are many brave heart moms out there who still take the pains to organize everything little detail personally at home…involving the kids in every step of the way thereby possibly imparting huge learnings’  for the future …hats off to you ladies.

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