Fitness mantra should be part and parcel of daily routine
|   Nov 08, 2016
Fitness mantra should be part and parcel of daily routine

Yep, this not only holds true for children but for adults as well. The last decade has seen an explosion on the fitness front with half marathons, cycling, cross fit, devils circuit and the ubiquitous neighbourhood gym finding more and more followers by the day. Less strenuous mini versions of the popular fitness forms targeted at kids have mushroomed as well; while I’m all for functional training for kids, weight training is a strict no – no till they reach a certain age.


Though there is a definite upswing on the fitness trends for kids, there are enough disturbing newspaper reports as well, which have highlighted the alarming rate of obesity in kids. Increased consumption of junk food, addiction to screens as opposed to outdoor physical exercise have been identified as the biggest attributes to this trend.


While junk food and screen time can be controlled, DNA or bad genes aren’t really in any one hands, so if the parents are on the bigger size, there may be a high probability that the child may take a leaf from the parent’s books. This however, is not worrying at all, as long as you are aware of this biological fact and conscientiously take measures on the same.


Fitness boom has also seen a plethora of supplementary and tertiary products hitting the market. One such being fitness bands, which at a very base level measure the physical output during the day.


Being a procrastinator on the fitness front, this year, however I was determined to make a positive difference and enrolled myself in a gym to begin with. This had a positive rub off on my son as well, who on his own accord, decided that he has to jog and run at least four to five times a week, this, over and above his already schedule extra-curricular activities of tennis and taekwondo.


Helping us keep track of our efforts was phenomenally easy with Fitbit. Not only does it track, measure and throw interesting insights on our efforts, It also prodded us to move our backsides if it had been a quiet day.


Ability to challenge each other for daily, weekly or weekend competitions only added fun to the flavour. Weekly leader board showing how you stack up against your set of friends is also a catalyst.


Cynics may discount this as a fad and question the actual contribution of such gadgets.


To my mind, the desire to get fit has to stem from within and be commensurate with proportional efforts. Having a tool which guides, encourages and pushes you a tad bit works wonderfully well for me and my son.

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