Vaccinations for kids– are all of them necessary
|   Sep 01, 2015
Vaccinations for kids– are all of them necessary

Advances in medical science means that today our kids have protection or immunity from a lot of diseases which also means a lot many more vaccinations and injections than what we got while growing up.

I am all in for giving the best (even if it means a little bit of temporary pain) to my young one but at times I am forced to evaluate the necessity of all the vaccines which are pouring into our country.

Case in point – the polio vaccination, while we have all grown up on drops and the government too is propagating drops, probably on account of the prohibitive cost of the vaccine – so is it necessary? I spoke to a number of moms and got a mixed response -those going to the hospital chains were oblivious of the number and kind of vaccines the kids were getting or at least were not questioning the need for some of the vaccines while those going to pediatricians had not necessarily heard about the vaccine.

Some of the parents I spoke with  don’t even think twice or ask when we take the kids for vaccination but are in for a rude shock when the bill is generated so what does one do? I don’t know am not a Doctor all I am asking is for correct assistance and guidance from the specialist  it’s not about the money or the pain just correct guidance.

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