A mother of grit .. my SIL
|   May 13, 2017
A mother of grit .. my SIL

Mothers ----Aren't they special in their own way ? Well , I happen to know more than one who inspire me for their determination , grit and progress. She's no celebrity , yet she's one who deserves an accolade for weathering many tempests in her life . More of a friend than a sister in law to me , she's one who has cartloads of courage to stand on her own and creating a niche for herself .

The first one to call me up and wish me luck on my impending marriage were my sister in laws . I was very apprehensive before marriage . I was stepping into a family that I considered was much more traditional than what I was used to . She dispelled all my fears and made me realize that sister in laws need not be the hideous two faced monsters that we envisage them to be .

Angst and desperation drives a person to insanity . Turbulence in life and innumerable issues renders us incapable of thinking straight . She was no exception to this. A marriage that faced lot of problems , a life that she constantly tries to be happy in , bear testimony to the fact that she's a courageous lady .

There are times when I think she could have had a better life , there are moments when I want to punch her in the face , asking her to step out and there are moments when I simply stare at her pic in awe and say .. lady only you can do that .. if I was there in your place , I would have walked out ...  

She is blessed with two adorable sons .. she gives her best to both of them and never let's her feelings of exasperation show .. there are moments when her emotions catapult to greater heights of intolerance , however she carries on battling each day being thankul for her wonderful kids .there are loads to applaud her for .The battles and struggles still persist for her .However , a public platform is not the right arena to enumerate it all .. I can just summarize my feelings in this blog and say ..

A mother is one of the best creations of God 

She is one who endures all and praises the Lord

May the Almighty give you strength always

To weather the storms he sends your way

You are one inspiration to me 

Stay happy my dear 

Find solace  , peace 

May you always prosper 

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