Unleash your Child’s Imagination through Colgate Magical Space Adventure
|   Mar 15, 2017
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Unleash your Child’s Imagination through Colgate Magical Space Adventure

“Imagination is more important than Knowledge”- Albert Einstein

Imagination is a Child’s best friend – one that makes him unravel the mysteries of life, helps him deal with the numerous questions his young mind conjures up and it is this kids’ imagination that helps him come up with answers – sometimes amusing, sometimes innocent, sometimes unassuming and unpretentious. Children are more prone to imagination than adults. I am a proud mother of two boys who are as imaginative as they are mischievous :-). As a mother, I have encouraged this imaginative streak in them and searched for relevant muses that help them to further their creative juices. Honestly, I feel relaxed when they are busy with their timeless pursuits and endeavors to converge the dream world and the real one.

It was during one such quest for adventure that we chanced on the Colgate Kids Toothpaste – The Magical Space Adventure series at the mall. We were enchanted by it (Me included :-)). Eventually (yes, you guessed it right) Colgate had made its way into our shopping trolley and later on, enraptured our hearts too. My sons are obsessed with planets, rockets and space travel. They are enamored by the mere mention of Black Holes and Worm Holes .The Magical Space Adventure caught their fantasy naturally, as it came with cutouts of planets and space shuttles. The icing on the cake was the factual trivia that accompanied these cutouts. It is fun with information. What more can a mother want? It was a dream come true for me as and my kids on that eventful day.

Out came the scissors and the glue on reaching home and subsequently, the cutouts were neatly arranged on the table. The trivia was read, re-read, understood, assumptions and conclusions drawn by the little ones. They then approached the bathroom, took one quick look at the door and started brushing. Well, I was too tired to interpret their actions and was headed towards my bedroom. All of a sudden, I heard agitated and vivid voices coming from the bathroom. Needless to say, I found myself rushing there in a matter of minutes.

“Swoosh! Here comes the probe and the space shuttle”, said Aditya. “Let’s hop onto it and fly away to seek some intergalactic adventure. We are dirtying the Earth and depleting her of natural resources. Indeed we have to find a better alien planet. Come warrior, stand by me and help me in my quest”.” So saying he beckons Ayaan to come near him. Together, they jump on the tiny stool in the bathroom and start making sounds that would put a real propeller to shame :-) .

“We have reached Saturn. Let’s see if she is hospitable enough for a short stay. Else we can go to Mars and gauge the atmosphere there. It is fun isn’t it Ayaan? Well, well Saturn does look a tad dusty. After all, its rings are far too eroded and plundered with ice pebbles to suit our purpose”, says Aditya.

“Mars it is then” says the younger one. “Can we take a shortcut through Worm Holes and reach Mars faster?” .So saying, the kids reach out for the poor stool again and swish past completely ignoring me as they attempt to go to the Red planet. All the other planets were similarly approached in due time and eventually, my sons had made up their mind that Earth was the best planet that they could possibly live on. Yes, there was a lot of restoration required on the green planet to prevent global warming but nothing was simply going to be as good as HOME- Our dear own Earth!

I was captivated at their imagination and my steps halted outside the bathroom door. No, I didn’t feel the need to go and cajole them to expedite things as the next day was a school day. I stood there bewitched and my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude towards Colgate for their brilliant magical space adventure campaign that had made my sons so happy. They looked at me and squealed in delight asking me if I had seen them enact the story. I beamed a proud “YES”! At that very moment, two budding story tellers were born.

Constructive parenting is the need of the hour. We, parents, are handing over technology to our kids on a platter, much to their detriment. We need to disconnect to connect with our kids. Give them space to think, make them innovative, make them discover, unleash their creativity. Take them away from technology (by technology, I mean the predominant gadgets and devices) for them to realize that there are greater pleasures that await them. Bed time stories are a great medium for doing so. Tonight probably, was the greatest eye opener for me, as I had just witnessed a role reversal taking place in my house. Indeed the kids had taken over the story telling and the mom became the enchanted listener.

We purchased more packs over the next few days and at present; we possess an enviable collection of space cutouts. Aditya and Ayaan saw the Colgate Magical Space Adventure video on YouTube also, and it simply fuelled their imagination further. The link of the video is as follows:

Each night is magical now as I wait for my kids to carry me away, with them, on their imaginative space travels. We unravel the mysteries of Space and spin some wonderful tales. Our journey has just begun. So what are you waiting for? Come join us in our adventure!

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