Will One Day of Love suffice?
|   Feb 13, 2017
Will One Day of Love suffice?

Dewdrops in the morning !

Sunshine at bay

Behold the mountains

Where Nature is in full play !

Why does my heart thug so?

Why does it so race?

I turn back to see you

Looking at my effervescent face 😍

It then takes me seconds to ascertain

The bliss that I constantly strive to attain ----

It is not here

It is not there

It is all pervasive

It is all immersive

It is Everywhere

It is in me

It is in you

Love ❤️ is but a feeling , that depends

Not on one but two ........

Happy Valentines Day !

I am a die hard romantic .. Valentines' Day used to be special for me .. I celebrated it year after year with my Best friend during my school and college days .. It used to be one happy lunch followed by the mourning of the absence of a special person in our lives .. it used to be one occasion where we used to look forward to getting a partner soon and get to celebrate love in its own special way .

Soon,marriage occurred , I got responsible and things changed but I never gave up on being a romantic .. small pin ups, post it's , cards , etc in his travel suitcase and wardrobe used to be quite frequent (still is) to show how much I loved him ...The 14th of February each year held more promise for me now that I had a partner to celebrate it with .. initially it was a bed of roses with each of us competing to get the best gift ever for each other ... Slowly , time moved on and we are now into our 14th year of marriage. I am glad to say our love has withstood the test of time and I am still a die hard romantic who never fails to express her love to her husband , sometimes ,to the point of smothering him and I say this unabashedly - with my feelings of affection 😀

There are some things that life and marriage taught me though .. the first being men are not as expressive as women are and they firmly adhere to the policy of no wooing after marriage 😜. Women however still expect men to chase them , woo them ... we play hard to get as usual , we get angry and offended when our love doesn't get reciprocated and we blame it on our marriage and the cliched 'taken for granted' attitude of our husbands. However , is it really so ? Well , to an extent , I would agree . Men do take things easy . They stop chasing after marriage . What's the point ... we are married , rt ? Most men would argue ... some do continue to endeavour to be romantic .. others simply give up on the idea.

My guy ceased to be as expressive after marriage , as he was before. He doesn't do crazy things like I do .. he does celebrate the day with me at my behest .. it has offended me at times - I concede. However , I attained Nirvana in my thirteenth year of marriage when I realised that he loves me - a lot and just doesn't know how to show it .. Men are tuned differently .. After all the phrase 'Men are from Mars , Women are from Venus' does hold good . I would like to say most husbands are similar .. there are exceptions of course . Girls hold on to those .. don't unleash the reins ever !

I penned down this blog this year as I finally asked myself --- Is it necessary to have one day to celebrate the love that you have for each other ? Will that one day suffice ? Doesn't everyday reflect his love for you in small ways possibly when he puts the clothes on the hanger for you, when he makes your coffee, he helps you with the kids, he lovingly glances at you without even uttering a single word , he knows the implications of your silence , your anger and when to dash out through the front door in such moments too 😬. Actions speak louder than words and these small gestures are indicative of his love for his spouse ( well mostly). After all , silence speaks volumes doesn't it ?

Love manifests itself between two partners in numerous ways . It maybe expressed or may be implied by simple actions . However , happiness lies in finding love everyday .. Bottom line --- it's the year 2017 and my views on the day of love are slowly evolving into something deeper . I may not believe in the One Day Celebration syndrome , however I am still the Devils'Advocate ( the devil being romance in this case) ...

If you feel what I have blogged holds good .. come express your views .. let's celebrate love together ..be it for a day, a month , a year or for Eternity !

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