Let your child meditate regularly, and see the difference...
|   Jul 21, 2015
Let your child meditate regularly, and see the difference...

It was just yesterday that I read an article about introducing meditation in schools. The article was a about a study conducted in a district school in San Francisco wherein meditation was introduced as a routine in the school. The results were astonishing. The school saw suspensions decrease by 79% and attendance increase by 98%. Students who participated also saw an increase in their grade point average

It is rather surprising that in a country that has given yoga to the world, this particular aspect is overlooked as far as children are concerned. We think children are naturally happy and are not stressed easily. While this may be true to some extent, the fact remains that they have their own stressors, their own anxieties and their own fears. In today’s day and age of competition, frustration intolerance, instant gratification, juvenile crimes, junk food, pollution, childhood obesity, juvenile diabetes, and other such issues, it is but obvious that children face the brunt of all that they are exposed to. And to be able to tackle the challenges that life throws on them efficiently, they need mental stability. Meditation and pranayam are the answers for it. They are an integral part of what we call 'Holistic Education.'

We enroll our children in the best schools, give them the best opportunities to excel in whichever field they want, spend heavily on their clothes, parties, toys, gadgets etc. Then why not introduce, in their daily routine, a 10 min procedure, for their mental wellbeing. You don’t need to do anything elaborate, just ask your child to sit in a quiet room, with eyes closed, breathe slowly and focus on the breath. Ensure that this is not done immediately after a heavy meal. While children may find this a little abstract and hence difficult to follow, in the beginning; regular practice would definitely help. This can be started at age 8, if not earlier.

Needless to say meditation improves health, strengthens the immune system, leads to better concentration and relieves stress. And nothing would be more satisfying for us parents, than seeing our child as a composed and happy individual.

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