The Importance of Giving Importance
|   May 14, 2015
The Importance of Giving Importance

As a kid, whenever I tried a new pair of earrings or a new hairdo, or wore a new frock, I used to run to my father and ask him whether it suited me. His standard answer was, ‘everything looks beautiful on a person who is beautiful.’ I used to feel elated by his answer. As a child I was extremely thin (read skinny), with a small nose, which was (and still is) the butt of all jokes, chinky eyes, pale skin, dull hair and the likes. In short, I was never even near the word ‘beautiful.’ But his remark made me feel beautiful.

Whenever we used to go out on a drive, my father always told me which side of the rear seat I should be seated so that I don’t have to face the harsh afternoon sun, at least, for most part of the drive. This gesture made me feel cared for.

I was very fond of playing ‘ghar ghar’ and had most of the utensils required to play the same, but lacked a refrigerator. One fine evening my mom came home with a small toy fridge, replete with bottles, chiller tray, eggs etc. This might be a small thing in today’s day and age but was really ‘something’ back then. This gesture made me feel that my desires, however small were valued.

We have a beautiful view from our living room, kitchen and one of the bedrooms. Unfortunately a building redevelopment right in front of our building is going to ruin the same. I suggested to my husband that we look for another apartment in the vicinity. But my 10 year old, Abha strongly objected saying that she doesn’t want to part ways with her best friend who stays in our building. But when we gave in to her demand, we never felt we were going out of our way. It just happened naturally, effortlessly.

That’s because that’s the way it has always been. That’s the importance of giving importance to the tiny whiny creatures in the family who want to be heard, who want to feel important, who want to feel valued, who want to feel secure. Isn’t it?

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