|   Jul 22, 2017

Why are women always tired? …………An insight

Women multitask we know that, women have hundreds of small and big responsibilities to take care of, we are aware of that. Women are bound to feel tired, we can deduce that.

But why are they always tired we wonder!

Why are they tired after a good night’s sleep? Why are they tired during their vacations? Why are they tired even after burning money on rejuvenating spas? Why are they still tired even if they have half a dozen helpers to help them out? Why?

The tiredness women feel is not only physical. It has much to do with mental and emotional overload! Even if a woman’s body is at rest her mind is constantly worrying, planning, strategising, and managing. Her emotions are always on roller coaster ride with her restless mind.

A typical woman’s mind is never at rest. It’s always on over drive. More often than not she waits for the morning alarm to wake her up! While she waits she is mentally organizing her morning chores! As she goes on about her daily chores she is constantly reminding her family members to wake up and follow their own daily chores! She believes that without her constant reminders the rest of the family will fail to notice the ticking of clock! Maybe they will not for a day or two or maybe they will eventually realize that it’s time to rise and shine! But she doesn’t bet on their self realization!

If she is working outside her home too, then her mind is not only in overdrive, it’s constantly shifting gears too! As she leaves home after pushing everyone else in the family on their respective paths, she has a score of instructions for the helping hands at home- her commands to protect and preserve the fortress till the Queen returns! As she rushes to her workplace her thoughts keep shifting gears between work and home (both synonyms for her) and it keeps repeating throughout the day.

She will call up home to check if her kids came back safely, to check if they had food, to check if the elderly at home is okay, to check if her dog was fed , if the booked gas cylinder aarived….

Her kids will call her up to recount their latest quarrel with their ‘last best friend’ or them being invited to the birthday party of their ‘next best friend’. They will give her their list of ‘urgent to buy’ list which may be as important as a particular series of pen-“No not V7 Maa, I want V7 RT!” or a graph paper or origami sheets. While she rushes to meets her deadlines at office her mind is navigating the shortest possible route to the best possible shop to buy the things the kids demanded.  She even has decided about the birthday gift for her son’s next best friend and thought about the logistics of dropping and picking up her son from the birthday party one week hence!  And yes she has to remember to buy that ice-cream brick on the way home for the mandatory morning chocolate shake for her kids.

As soon as she returns home she is all ears to the kids’ day stories, husband’s office gossip or parents’ woe of maid! She may listen attentively but her thoughts leap ahead to checking the kids’ homework, to laying the dinner on the table. If she has typical throwback to past era kind of husband, as he watches television she goes about her routine chores. If however she is blessed with a ‘helping husband’ she still has the task of managing the ‘help’. It goes something like this ‘ Can you please put the laundry in the washing machine?’, “Will you lay out the dinner table?”, “Will you take the dog out for a walk?” ….It’s like the ‘helping husband’ can’t figure out on his own what is required to be done next! Same goes for the kids. “It’s time to finish your homework”, “it’s time to quit PS4 and have dinner which is waiting for you on the table”, “It’s time to brush your teeth”, “and it’s time to go to sleep”

As she tucks her kids’ in their bed and kisses them goodnight she has to shout another command “Honey please do check if the house is bolted well and lights are switched off”, “And please switch off the television before you come to the bedroom”

As she sets the alarm for the next morning, she is going through today, tomorrow and yesterday in her head.

 Their minds never quit organizing. They never stop thinking. They take every responsibility on their shoulders and forget to delegate. If they do delegate, they forget to trust the people they delegate the responsibilities too. They keep on their managerial role. They do not even give the chance to their family members to fail and learn. They carry this image of perfectness in their minds which is hard to match even for them. They constantly worry lest something go wrong. They take on the role of living, breathing 'instruction manual' for their family members! They are never in the moment; they are rushing to the future or rehashing the past. So that’s why women are always tired!


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