|   Jan 24, 2017


जुबां आज़ाद है हमारी, पर लफ़्ज़ क़रते बस शोर हैं

सोच कैद है अभी , क्यों हम उसे आज़ाद करते नहीं

तन आज़ाद है हमारा पर क़दम आगे बढ़ते नहीं

मन क़ैद है अभी ,क्यों कुरिति की बेड़ी हमसे खुलती नहीं

आसमान आजाद है हमारा पर साँसें टुटती है घुटकर

हवा क़ैद है अभी. क्यों घुले ज़हर साफ़ हम करते नहीं

देश आज़ाद है हमारा पर रास्ते अभी महफ़ूज़ नहीं

इंसानियत कैद है अभी, क्यों वहशत से अपनी लड़ते नहीं

समाज, धर्म , जाति, भाषा, प्रदेश ,लिंग . व्यवसाय

रंगो की है भीड़ ,क्यों तिरंगे की पहचान अलग करते नहीं 

Independence !

Our tongues are free but words just make noise

Thoughts are still imprisoned, why we do not liberate them

Our bodies are free but steps do not go

Hearts are still imprisoned, why we can't break shackles of social evil

Our sky is free but breaths suffocate and break

Air is still imprisoned, why we don't clean the dissolved poisons

Out country is free but the roads are not yet safe

Humanity is still imprisoned, why we don't fight savagery within

Society, religion, caste, language, region, gender, occupation

There is crowd of colors, why we don't separate identity of tricolor

Jai Hind!

-Shalini Singh

With celebration of our ‘Republic Day’ around the corner, I dedicate my poem          /Independence to the readers and citizens of my country. Since I was a kid I am in love with Rabindranath Tagore’s poem ‘ Where the mind is without fear and head is held high………….into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake’

Tagore wrote this poem  when India was under the British Rule. It beautifully reveals Tagore’s idea and concept about freedom. Sadly even after completing sixty years of independence I feel we have not yet attained freedom in true sense!

With State elections next month we see all kind of mental slavery rise its hood wearing mask of ‘democracy’

‘Where the World has not been broken up into fragments

By narrow domestic walls’

Our country gets more and more divided every day because of dirty caste and religion based politics and relentless pursuit of vote bank.

Rabindranath wrote this in 1900 praying that God awakens his countrymen so that they come out from the darkness of ignorance, prejudices, disunity, narrowness of mind, dead habits and other evils. But clearly his prayers have not yet been answered!

We are Independent Nation but ARE WE TRULY FREE ???

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