Happy Women's day
|   Mar 07, 2017
Happy Women's day

“In a perfect storybook the world is brave and good A hero takes your hand, a sweet love will follow But life’s a different game, the sorrow and the pain Only you can change your world tomorrow Let your smile light up the sky Keep your spirit soaring high” 

The words of this song from Cinderella movie touched me.

Does the story end when Cinderella meets her prince charming and lives happily ever after ?The story  just began.

Cinderella is a queen now . She does not just sit on the throne wearing her crown and a nice gown, she has to make sure the things around her are  perfect .Her attire , her palace her kingdom and most important herself .

Gosh that must be so tiring !!So what should Cinderella do to not  get tired managing so many tasks all the time ?

  • Invest in some “me time” regularly . When there is no thought , no task to bother her . She can take a deep breath and do what she loves -have a cup of tea, read , write dance anything!
  • Takes time out to exercise .Healthy body leads to healthy mind
  • Surround herself with friends with whom she can share right from a silly joke to a serious issue that bothers her .
  • At times cook for herself ! Cooking for yourself can be very de stressing !(I love to watch how Nigela Lawson cooks for herself and treats herself)
  • Most important – DREAM

And voila what do you see? A joyful radiant queen who makes her surrounding positive and perfect with her high spirit !

This sounds much simpler than wearing those high heeled glass shoes and running !

#HappyWomen’sday to all the Cinderella’s around -“Let your smile light up the sky”!

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