Little things that make me happy!
|   Dec 10, 2016
Little things that make me happy!

If you are a parent, you would agree that some times we fail to find free time even if we try with a microscope.A family with two working parents is always in a “fast forward” mode, 5 days a week, takes a “slow-motion” pace for 2 days and goes back to "action-packed" mode.

Even so, surely there are times that make it all worth while and we should make the most of them. Here are some of my favorite moments.

  1. The days I wake up earlier than usual; the first rays of sunshine yet to hit the ground. The usual park opposite our building, the empty road seem like View-Points complete with birds chirping.
  2. The days I get to drink my morning tea when the boys of the house are still deep in sleep.
  3. When my 5 year old kiddo, gets curious on silly things, like why my ear-phones are on, even when I am not talking ( he thinks I am in a meeting, even when I listen to music ;) – good for me ) or why I get to pour water in the milk ( while its boiling ), while he can’t do the same when he is drinking it :).
  4. The days of 'nothing planned' (Mann jo kahe, sunte jaao, karte jaao). You know, most of the useful tasks get done that day. So, empty calendar days are most productive, ironically.
  5. When my baby smiles at me, for absolutely no reason and that smile turns into a high pitched laugh just because I reacted to him :D.
  6. When my man says, “What’s up, u look pretty pretty”.. and I am yet to get ready. ( Sometimes, he says it just to lift my spirits) or when he surprises me with a "All chores done without nagging" day.
  7. A neat house ( sheets clean, nothing on the floor, sparkle sparkle)! ( Even though it was I who cleaned it earlier).
  8. Fridays nights of ‘Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset” back to back on the TV and no-one to grab the remote.
  9. When the dishes I made, get wiped clean, wanting for more! ( At times, I reduce the quantity just for this. Hey, a woman likes what she likes.)
  10. And more than anything else, a book on a train with me on the upper berth/ a book with coffee in hand and time to spare ( this holds equal credits as my baby’s giggle – Don’t judge me, please).

Stay happy. Make happy.


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