I Understand.....MAA!!!
|   Apr 30, 2016
I Understand.....MAA!!!

It was just four days after her son Shanu left for higher studies. It was a mixed feeling for her because now it was time for their long aspired dream for Shanu to become a reality soon but at the same time it was the heart of a mother struggling to accept the fact that he shall be back after three long years. She kept going to his room looking to his study table..admiring his trophies and awards from his school life and some of his clothes which could not find place in his "classy" collection and he had left behind...leaving her teary-eyed. Ting-tong..there was someone on the door...the courier guy...handed over a letter to her and went away. The envelope had Shanu's institute's name...anxiously she opened it. Goodness!!! It was Shanu's handwriting.. to her surprise, he has written a letter to her for the first time...That brought a wide smile on her face. She rushed to the sofa.. put her glasses on and started reading....

Dear Maa,

Reached safely and settled. I shall answer all your queries about my well-being and the facilities in our institute when I call u. I am writing to u because probably I shall never be able to tell you this over the phone. We have all seen you working really hard for the family and being a pillar of strength for dad. Hope Shanu understands the value of our struggle one day, was always something I read in your eyes.Now that i have bright times waiting ahead, I wanted to say.....

Maa, I understand how crucial and challenging it would have been for you to put me in a creche and start with your career again. You would have literally struggled to come out of that mom's guilt till I started spending whole of my day in school and activity classes after Standard IV.

Maa, I understand how you would manage with just a toast as breakfast in order to save time to complete the household tasks and somehow making it to the office on time to teach me the value of punctuality in life.

I understand how u straightaway used to head to the kitchen after u were back from the office, just to ensure that we had dinner on time. You had terrible back aches but still managed to sit with me for taking a review of my studies, homework and made me read a nice story before I slept.

I understand how troublesome it would become when you shield my mistakes from dad and he very well used to understand.

Maa, I understand how nervous you used to be on my result days and how good comments from teachers used to give u a sense of contentment. How u had taught me to strike a balance between studies and keep my passion for learning music alive.

I understand what hard work, sacrifices on to not attending important family functions or giving the trip to your dream destination a miss....have gone behind this uphill struggle, to make me competitive and worthy to be a part of this prestigious institution.

I know, how tears would not have stopped rolling from your eyes when I left for higher studies here and how my food, stay and safety is always a concern for u. But don't worry...I am here to live both of my parents' dreams.

I know how people are waiting desperately to know about my first job, so that they can judge u one more time as a working mother. But don't worry, I have my vision clear and will come out with flying colours.

Maa, I understand you run out of words to explain that your future daughter-in-law has to be given every happiness in life, she should be treated like a princess after marriage because I have been raised in the arms of a queen.

I understand that I will have to fulfill my part of responsibility of running a family with a sense of commitment, patience and trust.

And Maa, I understand, that I have parents who are not getting any younger, they are becoming weak and old and are here with me because it's now my turn to hold their hands and take them to the parks or sometimes even to the doctor. Don't worry I will never leave you heartbroken and misty-eyed.....

I know I have missed out on many points...but that would take a lifetime!!

Take care...Lots of Love to U and Dad...

Your Proud Son

Tears of happiness couldn't stop rolling down her cheeks...she closed her eyes and prayed...More power to u My Boy!!!

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