He shows how much he love me
|   Dec 27, 2016
He shows how much he love me

In my 4 yrs of marriage i discovered you can't say “I love you” you daily. It's not possible and once you have kids it's even more difficult to have time to talk to your partnerBut in last 4 years i observed though he doesn't say he love me everyday but he surely shows how much he love very oftenly. That's what I. Love about him. Here some situation or signs sharing which i noticed which said loudly that he Loves me a lot

*Love is when he dont wake me up in morning and go without breakfast bcoz I was up whole night with baby.

*Love is when he scold me not to drink cold drink because I am suffering from cold and than he himself tell me ‘take one sip only not more than that ’. Because he can't see me sad.

*Love is when he stopped me from going out in weekends because I had fever two days back and it's very cold outside.

*Love is when he skipped his office to take care of me when i'm not well.

*Love is when he do all household chores ( washing clothes, utensils, cleaning) when m not well.

*Love is when he make breakfast and scold me to eat.

*Love is when click morning pic show me how I look when I'm ill and feed me breakfast.

*Love is when he take care of our son without any complaints. Even clean him.

*Love is when he come for grocery shopping with me. Even though he hate it.

*Love is he watch romantic movies with me though has already watched.

*Love is he fight with me for not eating properly and make me eat.

*Love is when his one hug do wonders and make me calm.

*love is when he traveled 17 hrs long in train from mumbai to jabalpur to give me surprise on my 1st pregnancy.

*love is when he fly 17 hrs long from tokyo to Mumbai again to give me surprise birthday visit during my 2nd pregnancy.

*Love is when he cried when he heard about c section because normal delivery is not possible with me. He was afraid of me going through knife.

*Love is when he try to take care of kids and let me have a good nap.

*Love is when he ask me to go for girls outing and agree to take care of kids on weekend.

*Love is when is fight with his mother when I'm hurt.

*Love is when he remind to call my parents or sometime he just dial and give me phone to talk when i myself forget to call them since 2-3 days.

*Love is when he knows when m hurt.

*Love when I can't be angry with him even for 5mins.

*Love is when he never forget to kiss my forehead in morning before leaving for work.

             There are similar signs in everyone life which our partner give us all you have to do is stop for a moment and look for signs your partner give you how much they love you.

So stop and go through past few days and think about similar situation. If you can't get any take you take first step and show your partner how much you love them. 

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