He taught me to love truly: My Son
|   Oct 03, 2016
He taught me to love truly: My Son

Love can come in our life in many ways.... Parents, siblings, relatives, friends, boyfriend/ girlfriend or husband/ wife .

In my life, real love came with my son- "Udojas"

I am blessed with all good peoples around me. But presence of my son , makes my life worth living.

He taught me how to love someone unconditionally ( just without expecting anything in return).

I was a girl who can never leave her comfort zone for anyone, who never thought about increasing weight or bad health when it comes to pizzas and dosas..... Setting sleeping pattern as per my convenience. 

Now it was his love that I can loose any comfort for him... So many sleepless night in a row. Hectic day. Even sometimes I cannot go to pee for many hours . But still don't have any frustration from life.

My food habits now depends on what is good for his health.

Have heard before conceiving that after child life become so miserable, sleepless, restless.... Blah blah..

To me, My life become beautiful immediately after conceiving him.

That feeling of having a life inside you makes you more responsible. Those kicks were out of the world. 

And the moment when I see him in real was completely mesmerising.

At that very moment, I knew that I can give up my life for this baby.

Now all these sleepless nights,  restlessness and discomfort fades away when I feed him and get the feeling he is my part and I need to nourish him. He always let me know with his eyes that how much I matter to him. How much he loves me.

He makes me feel special. 

I had cesarean but I can bet that a single touch of your baby will dim all those memories of labour pain.

This is my advice for all women who are postponing their pregnancy for the sake of their career, freedom or body figure.


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