Explaining Pain to my son
|   Nov 23, 2015
Explaining Pain to my son

Around evening while cleaning up my son asked – “Mummy I fell down today in the morning and hurt my elbow. It’s burning. Will it hurt when you clean me?”

Me – “Ronny, pain is something that lasts just for a minute or so and after that you must tell your brain that you are fine.”

Ronny – “Mom you are big. It is ok for you to say that.”

Me – “Ronny pain is the same for everyone. Pain does not see age or boy or girl. It is just how much you show out and how much you keep inside.”

Ronny – “How can I hide the pain? Hai to hai..”

Me – “Absolutely baby. Pain of course hai. I did not say pain nahi hoga. If there is a bruise it will pain, it will burn a bit. However what you can do is not think about the pain but about the fun you had through the day. The pain is something that will happen just for a few minutes but you have 24 hours to have fun.”

Ronny – “Sach mummy. Pain can be forgotten? I can try and forget it and talk about all the fun I had through the day.”

Me – Well sweetheart that is an excellent start. And if it burns just say uff and it will be over. And you also should always remember that papa mummy are always around you when you want to share the pain.”

Ronny – “Mummy magic hua. My elbow is not hurting. It is totally fine.”

Just simple and convincing talks help children get over their issues.


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