Simple cold and cough caring
|   Jul 06, 2016
Simple cold and cough caring

That most awaited weather is back and with it brings all the virus. Parents often wonder why their child has suddenly started to suffer from cold and cough.  Well the answer is that your child has started to frequent the outside environment and is prone to such common cold and cough due to virus present in the air around them.

 A few tips mentioned here should help your baby feel better and recover faster in times of illness–

1. Avoid sweaters and woollen clothes for your baby, especially during the days of illness and fever. When a child has temperature, the heat from the body needs to release and a layer of woollen clothing will not benefit that process.

2. Keep your baby warm with hosiery material clothing and if needed add 3-4 layers of cotton clothing / hosiery clothing / hosiery jacket with full sleeves.

3. Every night before going to sleep, give your baby a warm pack on the chest in the following manner –

a. Heat up a pan

b. Place a thick turkish towel on it and warm up the towel to a temperature that the baby can take

c. Place this warm towel allover on the baby’s chest

d. Before placing it on the baby’s chest, make sure baby is wearing a garment on.

4. Apply a doctor approved vapouriser / oil on your baby’s chest, if needed, before going to bed. Before using Vicks or any other strong vapourisers, please check if the same is applicable for the age of your child (Vicks only for children above 2years).

5. Also while bathing your baby, try to follow the below -

a. Place your baby in a tub of warm water.

b. Fill 2-3 buckets with half quantity of steaming hot water and place these buckets around the bath tub however keep these buckets safely away from the baby.

c. Close the bathroom door and window so there is enough vapour forming inside the bathroom.

d. The steam inside the bathroom needs to be inhaled by your baby for at least 10-15 mins as this will ease the nasal & chest congestion to an extent.

e. Stay inside the bathroom with your baby until the bathing process is completed and try and quickly wrap your baby in a warm outfit.

6. During times of runny nose or blocked nose, while getting your baby to sleep ensure the mattress / baby cot is elevated on the side of the head. If your baby sleeps on a separate mattress then make sure a pillow is placed under the mattress making the whole mattress raise above the torso level. If your child sleeps in a baby cot then use cot elevators. If you are not able to find cot elevators then use simple wooden blocks or steel katoris and place them under the head side of the baby’s cot thereby raising the cot on one side by upto 2 inches. Mildly elevated position of sleeping eases the nasal passage and helps the baby breathe a little easily.

 Stay healthy and eat well.

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