The magic of "APPRECIATION"
|   Jul 22, 2016
The magic of "APPRECIATION"

As humans we love appreciation and praise. Adults and kids love it alike. When we feel we have done something good we look for appreciation and when we do not get it we do feel a bit low about it. Appreciation goes the same way with kids too.

Appreciate and praise them as much and as always possible. What they learn from it???

Well 1. They see they see there is abundance of appreciation around them and it makes them happy always

2. They eventually learn that appreciating is an easy task and they will start to appreciate you and People around them for every little thing they like about you or the people around them

3. Appreciation motivates kids to do more and do better

4. Most importantly appreciation makes kids more confident and bold to take a chance in life

While appreciation is important for acts expressed by your child it is equally important that we appreciate them for the personality they carry. Not all children turn out the way their parent are or expect them to be. It is therefore extremely necessary that we closely watch our children even when they are on their own. Their emotional and facial reaction to a situation or to something that they see around them or on media, helps us understand how they react or respond without expressing in words or actions. These are moments that will help us guide them towards acts that can be appreciable. 

Even when we are not very happy about what our child has done, our reaction to the same matters a lot to them. When we are not sure how to react it is best to look at a mirror, rehearse the words and the expressions and then bring the best act to the child.

So, appreciate your child for all the right things and see the happiness around :)

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