10 Ideas to Keep Kids Busy through the Weekend
|   Apr 21, 2017
10 Ideas to Keep Kids Busy through the Weekend

Thank God it’s Friday! A relief for mothers!

Yet the very thought of a weekend brings back the sounds of boredom nagging kids.

Here is a list of 10 fun filled activities to choose from:


Nature Walk: When children go for a walk, they hop, jump, climb, they collect sticks and stones. Taking a stroll with the children can be rejuvenating and a kick start for a happy weekend. After all, happy kids spread smiles everywhere they go!


Yummy Date: Make it a ritual to go out on a breakfast date with your child every Saturday. They love it when they feel special. Chose a cafe close to your house to avoid traffic jams.


Muddy Game: A garden is a safe place for kids to play. It is more fun if they have a sand pit to dig into making sand castles and rolling into sand. Playing is fun and fun is good!


Little Chefs: Kids love to help in the kitchen chores. Engage them every Sunday to make family brunch. Predecide on the menu. Let kids come up with their choice of breakfast. They enjoy doing what they devise.


Wear your Sports Gear: It is a good idea to know the choice of sports your kids like. Nothing beats the notion that a family that plays together, stays together.

Movie Magic: A perfect way to unwind after a busy week is to watch a family entertainer with kids. Top it up with pop corns and their favorite drink.


Color Splash: Give them some paints, straws, rubber stamps and sheets. Let their creativity take a flight.

Bubble up Bath-tub: Make their bath times foamy and bubbly. Let them enjoy giving bath to their favorite toys.


Crafty Fingers: Give them a shoe box, some colored papers, glue and decorative and help them make it into a treasure box.


Visit Supermarket: Let the kids make their list of things and accompany you to the supermarket. Make it a family time and fun shopping together.

Have a Happy Weekend!!


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