A Mother Forever: Be the Mom you want Them to Remember!
|   May 28, 2016
A Mother Forever: Be the Mom you want Them to Remember!

'Being a Mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had..and dealing with fears you didn't know existed.' - Linda Wooten

Aptly said!

Over the period of 7 years of being a mother to 2 lovely kids, I have realized one thing. Motherhood is something no one can teach you. You learn and grow each day with the life you are nurturing. How sometimes I wished there was a manual for mothers too - Beginners, Advanced and so on..;-)

Jokes apart, I too had my shares of elderly ladies advice on how to raise my child. Honestly, the free and unwelcome advises failed me most of the times. It was a new era and new wave of kids were on the block. So, there had to be new ways and knowledge to apply to being a happy mother. I read at least a dozen books when my first baby was born. 

From how to differ the baby cries to diaper change to food introduction to potty training; books had good in depth insight for the new world I found myself in. Being a reader help got easier to reach. But Simple! Not at all!

I had my share of guilt trips, mood swings, crying, my hormones just seemed out of control.. It was as if I am being teared apart.

I had frequent visits to the child specialist for even the smallest of problems my baby boy was going through. A reflux was an emergency for me to be dealt with immediately. Thankfully my son's pediatrician always welcomed my visits and concerns even at 2 am (past midnight) - smiling and reassuring me that all was well.

My journey continued, learning, making mistakes, rolling on guilt trips, changing diapers, still sleepless nights and even more busy mornings. And one fine day my baby started crawling. In no time he was walking, running around in the house. What a sight it was to see the life that came from you, blooming and getting bigger each day! The memory is still so fresh in my mind..:-)..

He turned 7 this month. How fast time flew by! It would be a lie if I say, I still remember my hardships of being the new mother back then.

3 years after my son's arrival in the family, we were blessed with a baby girl. The moment I held her in my arms I felt like she was the most precious and purest jewel on this Earth. We named her Pearl. Sooner than I realized I had 2 little creatures running around the house playing, fighting, arguing, shouting, sharing and helping each other. Two different personalities, one calm, composed and quiet most of the time and the other totally opposite - naughty, cry baby and loud.

I read a nice quote somewhere 'The moment a child is born, a mother is born also.' I was born twice!

Needless to say, I still have my rough days when my hormones go crazy..:-)..busy schedule, no me time, small guilt trips too. But I am grateful for everything that I have and other things that I don't have.

For being a Perfect Mother was always an illusion. Being a Happy Mother is what I now aim at!

'There is no way to be a perfect mother....but a million ways to be a good one!

A Biiig Thank You to my Mommy for without her patience, love and care I would not be who I am today.

A thumbs up for You Mommy: 'YOU DID A GREAT JOB!' Love you

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