Gardening and Loving the home I have
|   Nov 26, 2016
Gardening and Loving the home I have

Living in apartments, from one  rented home to another, I always felt a sense of isolation . 

Six home shiftings, in eight and a half years makes putting down roots difficult.

Always waiting for the "my home " feeling.Knowing very well that with transferable jobs that can be difficult . 

Then I read Love the Home you have by Melissa Michaels .

The pieces clicked . I realized life has to be lived now.

Our family needed a home now . 

Then I started my balcony garden.

Somehow over the last 2 and a half years my 3 balconies and 2 window boxes have kept me very happy.

Summer or winter having your own patch of green can help.

Research says most of man's lifestyle problems started because of increasing disconnect from nature.

Indoor air pollution and the Delhi air pollution are all indications that we have to do things now.

People having allergies,asthma,COPD,Skin rashes,itchy eyes and various other chronic problems.Doing everything except what is needed.

We want our homes .We want green lungs.We want clean air and clean water.That's the basic need for a healthy life.

The healthier a population is ,the less they burden the government . 

An ailing population is unproductive . 

Maybe the quality of air they breathe in Delhi have affected the brain of the policy makers.

Maybe the heavily polluted air has shortcircuited the brain so much,that they have forgotten that air cannot be segregated.

Not really.

Air purifiers hardly work indoors.And they are unaffordable for 90%.They also can't clean the air totally.They just make the air less nasty. You can't wait for the government to wake up.

Historically they have always done too little too late.

Do you really want  your children to grow up breathing this polluted air?

From looking for ways to make the rented flat a home I learned about biophilic architecture . 

About green walls.About vertical gardening and hydroponics . 

I learned how Singapore government makes it mandatory, for replacement of green lands used for construction,with green walls or roofs.

Can't we do this together .

One home at a time.

What do you think?

Comment below to let me know.

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