Why I will always choose a C-section:#C-SECTION - THE NEW NORMAL?
|   May 29, 2017
Why I will always choose a C-section:#C-SECTION - THE NEW NORMAL?

I am a doctor and after studying Obstetrics and Gynaecology during my MBBS, I was sure I would want a planned C-Section whenever I decided to be a mommy!.

It was a personal choice.But one I was happy I made.

In the Western world, normal birth monitoring and epidurals are common.The doctor to patient ratio is human and you are sure to be able to get a good trained doctor and nursing staff, to monitor your baby when you go into labour .

But as all moms know, labour pains can be false and true.How was I to know as a new mother whether I am having false or true pain? When you are having labour pain your brain stops thinking like a doctor!

I was working constantly throughout my pregnancy till 2 weeks before my EDD so I was not happy to just have it unplanned.

Until you have your doctor chained to you, the last 10 days of your pregnancy can be harrowing.This is especially true if you are a working woman!

Also knowing the unpredictable complications of labour didn't help at all.

One thing I knew.I wanted to plan as far as I could.Two of my friends, unfortunately, had to undergo emergency C-section under General anesthesia following failed obstructed labour! This happened a few months before my own delivery.General Anaesthesia is to be avoided as far as possible but is the only way in an

You can guess the state of my mind, on hearing this.Both the ladies were themselves doctors and had the best care possible.But there's no such thing as a guarantee in obstetrics! General Anaesthesia is to be avoided as far as possible, but sometimes is the only way in an emergency.

Mother in pain baby at risk!

No way was I going that route.

That's why I had a planned C-section just 7 days before my EDD(expected date of delivery) with absolutely no complications during or after birth.

The back pain that I had initially, diet .got better with improved calcium and vitamin D diet.With excellent help from the nursing staff, I was able to start breastfeeding my daughter.I have never regretted not having a normal delivery!

What does prolonged and obstructed labour  get you?

An unborn child who may be in danger.

Mother with a vesico vaginal fistula .A horrible condition which 60% of women in India and other 3rd world countries suffer whe a normal delivery goes unmonitored.

While home birthing sounds perfect and natural if you know the immense number of complications which this decision can put your child through in a country like India you would be a  very brave woman to try this.

The time it takes for a child to be rescued from a mid pelvic arrest happening at home will be enough, to endanger the normal development of the child.

India has been striving to lower its infant mortality rate.That's one of the parameters for healthcare standards in a country.

One very good way of doing this was incentivizing Antenatal checkups and institution deliveries.

The government gives money to pregnant women, to visit the doctor regularly during the entire pregnancy period.Delivery at the hospital and the trip home also means money.Now, this is done because we simply don't have enough doctors or trained paramedical staff to monitor all birthing at home.A child who is in distress at birth can have mental and physical challenges for life.If he /she survives.

Should India promote normal delivery and home birthing when there's simply no infrastructure or manpower to support this?

I wonder !

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