A Mother's Diary - 4 ( Unending Doctor checkups)
|   Aug 01, 2017
A Mother's Diary - 4 ( Unending Doctor checkups)

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A Mother's Diary - 4 ( Unending Doctor checkups)

There is a good private hospital in my place, with all the necessary infrastructures. It was nearer to my place and I could reach there within 5 minutes. But the gynaecologist who was working there, couldn't able to come regularly , as she was working in the government hospital too.

So I thought, it would be better to go to the other one where most of my neighbours and relatives used to go. The hospital is a well- known one and I had gone there few times before. Also the gynaecologist who owns the hospital , is a nice lady who used to hear us patiently which most of the doctors fails to do.

There were no cab facilities like ola , uber in my place. We had to book a car two days before the travel and also had to check about the driver.( You heard right!) Sometimes the driver won't go slow even after my parents had told him many times that there was a pregnant lady inside.

My doctor asked to come for checkups once in every month until eight. After that, I would have to go after every fifteen days. It would take more than one and a half hour to reach there via car. As I am a person who has travel sickness, I put my head on my mother's lap throughout the whole journey and would open my eyes only after I reached the hospital. As I was not a kid , it hurt my mom's lap a lot but she never ever uttered a word ( A mother is always a mother, even though her child grows up).

Those Unending Doctor checkups and the long travelling for the same, made me more stressed than anything during pregnancy.

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