Is your kid possessive ? 3 Must Do's
|   May 19, 2016
Is your kid possessive ? 3 Must Do's

This article is for everyone whose child is possessive about her sibling in any ways.I have a 3 year old girl who has drastically changed once my baby boy is born.Sometimes she was angry for no reason and when i tried to pacify her, she started to cry like anything which made me so worried.   Afterall, she is a small kid too.

After months and months of experiencing this, I wanted to make her understand this cute relationship.So I did all those mentioned below, and now I am a blissful mother!.

These are the three Must-Do's:

1. Make her to do things for her sibling. This is a mother's duty to train the first kid. Just ask her to choose the dress for the baby boy , to get the hair brush from the dressing table, to show him the rattle when he is crying and things like that.This makes her feel attached to the sibling.

2. Get her to understand how much the baby needs her mom. Tell her like this in a gentle way, "Dear, You are the big sis  now, but your baby bro is very little Na ?, He doesn't even know to speak, what he would do when he needs something, Who is there for him other than us? , So we should take care of him, right??". This really works.

3. Finally, the important thing is to get her assured that her little brother loves her so much than anyone.Often say this, "Your little brother likes you, See he is smiling when he hears  your voice". So she feels like "Yes, it's my brother and I should love him dearly".

Keep in mind: Give the first child more attention and love as she needs her mom more.Take care of her like before.If you fail in that, nothing above works.

So these are my own experiences that I have put in words.Hope some of you, might be helpful with this article.Share your thoughts too.

Happy Parenting!

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