Government Primary school turned into a Dance bar
|   Aug 10, 2017
Government Primary school turned into a Dance bar

A video taken from primary school in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh has gone viral , not because of the excellence in education but for the shameful incident happened three days before.

Crimes against children are happening widely all over the nation, but the atrocities happening inside the school premises is horrifying the parents.

The school faculties, whom we trusts so much, involving in the cruel acts has to be given punishment before the public. These educated illiterates, whom we thinks as a second parent to our children, is an embarrassment to the whole teaching society.

We know the news of the so called Assam teacher who posted obscene photos of minor students in social media and about the school peon harassed the four year old kid in a well known Mumbai school.

And now, it is a school in Mirzapur. It had been closed for three days due to rakshabandan. The people in the village, brought the female dancers inside the school premises and there held a dance party. There were people enjoying the party with so much fun and were throwing the money on the dancers.

#WATCH: video — ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) 

Those village locals brought the key and entered the school just for the birthday celebration of one's son. The dancers stood on the students desk and continued their performance, forgetting that it has to be used for the divine task of reading and writing.

Where are we actually and how shameful it is to encounter such incidents often. It is more shocking as these kind of acts are increasing every year. The school staffs should explain why they allowed these kind of parties and actions should be taken against the people who actually arranged it. Such an embarrassment to the whole nation. Share your views in the comments section.

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